Saturday, June 20, 2015

Introducing....My Phone :D

 I told ya'll I'd take some pictures of my new phone so here they are :D It's been a little bit since I got it, but the excitement of having a new phone hasn't quite worn off yet. Even though this is not my first phone, it's my first phone, phone, and it's kinda like having a first car. :P Very exciting :D 

It's an iPhone 5, and I bought it off craigslist. It was a repaired phone (I didn't know it at the time) so the little home button can spin around in circles. I actually really like this because I can have the little square be a diamond, which looks so much cooler than normal :P. 

The only thing that I'm not so fond of on this phone is the auto correct. On my tablet (Android) there is a check spelling/auto correct, but it gives me the option of changing it to the "correct" word. On the phone however it automatically changes the word. Now this isn't necessarily bad, but if you're in a hurry and didn't check to see if it changed anything or not before you hit send, you will end up telling your Mimi that your brother went to tractor supply with God (supposed to be Grandpa), and a bunch of other things I've since forgotten. :P 

The camera is way better than I anticipated it being. Neither mama's phone, nor dad's can take very good pictures. Now my phone camera has nothing on the big camera, but it takes a pretty decent photo for a cellphone I think. Obviously the quality isn't as good blown up, but ya know :)

That's all for today, though I've scheduled a blog or two for this upcoming week. Xoxo,
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Friday, June 12, 2015

Fluffy Hair

I MUST BLOG! I feel horrible for not posting for such a while. Life though, life happens, and I get busy. But away with all excuses cause I've got a minute so here goes :) 

I have an outfit (and a pretty good hair day if I do say so myself :P) real quick and then I'll do an Instagram recap of a few of my latest pictures to catch you up. For those of you who do not follow me on Instagram, I post on there a little more frequent than the blog because I can do it without getting on the computer :) I'd rather blog because I can put many more words and pictures in a blog than I can in an Instagram. :P But I like insta too. :)

I absolutely love this blouse. It has an elastic band at the bottom to keep it at the waist should I wear it untucked (pictured), but I've started tucking it in and I like it better that way. It's so lightweight and summery, feminine and just, well my favorite. :) And it literally goes with every skirt in my closet. Huzzah! 

The earrings aren't necessarily all that vintage looking, but I really like them. And though I do love the fashion designs of those bygone eras, that doesn't mean I don't like other stuff too. One thing I really love, and would love to rock one day. are wedge tennis shoes. My style isn't exactly vintage, though if it could be more vintagy I would surely be happy :), but it's mainly just about wearing what I like. And if I like to wear jelly rain boots when it's not raining I wear them. Because I like them. And it I wear big hoop earrings, I wear them, because I like them. And if I carry a watermelon purse, it's because I like it :). I'm not trying to fit into a fashion box, I'm taking things out of a bunch of different fashion boxes and wearing it! :D 

Earrings: Forever 21 (old)
Blouse: Target
Skirt: Chicwish

And now for some random pictures!! 
cakes! Only a few cakes in this collage. I average between 12 and 17 each day that I work. Some days it might be 8, and others it might be over 20 though :P 
One day at work it was raining but I saw some pretty flowers on the retaining wall so I ran out and picked them and put them in my drink so they wouldn't die :)
A gorgeous evening! Photos cannot do justice to skies like this. How great Thou art.

My watermelon change purse! And my fabulous key chain and house key. :D

an outfit of the day pic. I made that skirt :) I made several skirts last week, I'm sure they'll get blogged eventually :)
I got to braid hair again! It's been several years, and I need some practice but it was soo nice to be able to braid again :) It was a little hard for her to sit still but we put on some Netflix and that made things a lot better :P
A pic of the bass guitar I'm trying to learn how to play. I have to say, it's not at all what I thought it would be, and it isn't as easy as I thought it looked :P
My pin!!! I'm so excited and I proudly wear it at work. I had an official Baskin Robbins training (I've been working for them making cakes for 8 months but I hadn't had an official cake training yet) last week and when I finished I got a certificate to frame on the wall at work, and a pin. :D I feel like I'm officially a professional now. :) 

outfit of the day picture 
I received two new eShakti dresses in the mail and a new pocketbook! The purse was a great deal too, $9.99 on ebay :).  I'll blog on the presents later I'm sure :)
A sneak peek at senior portraits I took of Bascha. We had an awesome day adventuring and looking for good spots to take pictures at. She's going to get a separate blog about that day and all the photos that we took later. It's only a sneak peek right now :) Isn't she beautiful?

Me and Callan :D This was taken on Benjamin's birthday (my 7 year old brother :D), just after we went out and bought a phone case for my new phone. 
And speaking of new phone.....I bought an iPhone! It's an iPhone 5, and I bought it off craigslist. It's beautiful and runs great. The only problem is the user, I'm pretty dingy when it comes to technology, and especially apple since my Dad is an android guy. I'm loving it though! I don't have a good photo of it yet, but once I take one I'll post it on here :) 

Oh, and I hope to have a video recording of me singing up here by Tuesday :) 

Much love,
Theresa Marie

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