Saturday, February 28, 2015

Swing Skirts & Snow

This was supposed to post yesterday...but I forgot O.o great blogger now, aren't I? 

Bascha is on the blog again! For my birthday, back in December she gave me fabric and a pattern to make a ruffled skirt :). And she had fabric and a pattern to make one too, so we could match! (Whoever says matching is just for little kids I would strongly disagree. ;)  Although Care and I aren't all that keen on matching each other a lot, for some reason other friends are different and I could match them all day long lol) The first "snow" (ice) day we had here, Bascha and I got together and sewed up the birthday skirts. And then the next snow day we wore them! 

And speaking of snow and our skirts, Bascha noticed while she was getting ready that her skirt was the same color as Elsa's (the main character in Frozen I think. I mean I know she's in Frozen I'm just not quite sure if she's the main character).  And when she started thinking she noticed that mine was the same colour as Ana! So we were frozen characters on a frozen day! 

We took these pictures before SCD on Tuesday, out at Latta. 

practicing our 50's poses

I really like this picture :)

Thank you for the wonderful present Bascha!! I love it!

Here a few pictures I took of our snow day at my house.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snippits From Sundays Outfit

It's 47 degrees outside as I'm writing this (it's Sunday...sometimes I schedule posts ahead of time, and you can tell it's a scheduled post because all those post at 12:00am and I'm pretty much never up that late or early lol) and let me tell you it feels like SPRING or even summer for that matter. I mean yesterday it was 2 degrees so 47 feels great! And it's funny that I'm thinking spring because there is still ice on the roofs of our neighbor's houses. :P
Mama did a new thing with my hair and I really liked how it turned out. :) Isn't she a great hairdresser? 

While we were at the beach this January we visiting a few consignment stores. At one of them I picked up this lovely vintage beaded clutch. For only $5 too!

For the longest time I've worn only dark colours, particularly black. And don't get me wrong-I love black! But recently I've noticed a change in my wardrobe that features a lot of blue, pink, green, and red. I've always loved flowers but I've never incorporated a whole lot into my clothing choices. And I've noticed that I've started using more flowery stuff lately too :). My favorite colors are red, black, and white, in that order, but I think I'm finally branching out. Change can be a good thing sometimes, right? :)

Earrings: gift from a lady at church
Hair flowers: A Pink Swan
Clutch: thrifted
I was wearing the shirt from this outfit, and the skirt from this outfit. 
What are your primary color/print choices in your wardrobe? 
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Hands ft. a Watercolor Bird

I think Tuesday's are going to end up being artwork posts hahaha. This week it's a bird-my second attempt with watercolors. I like how colorful it is and it makes me happy to see it on the fridge. :) 
I have so much I wish I could express in words but I can't. Like if you could be in my head for one moment-I practically think in poetry (the kind of prose that doesn't rhyme. Unless it's rap. Sometimes I think in rap. I've written a lot of rap you know, when I was younger). I'm serious. But I can't quite seem to capture it with a pen, and whenever I open my mouth-screech-it all comes to a halt. It's the oddest thing. I actually kind of like it though. But I wish I could figure out a way to share it with you. Because it gets boring keeping it all to myself. And it's exasperating to not be able to get it out.
Something I've been thinking about a lot lately are my hands. People are always telling me I'm talented and the like, and looking at what I've done and what I do, I'd agree. I'm sure part that comes from my parents-my mama is incredibly creative and artistic, if she had a blog her projects and DIY stuff would be all over pinterest :). And part of it I would say is my attitude towards stuff. I don't tend to doubt if I can do something or not, and I can be very determined. But I really think there is something else. 

When I was younger I remember talking to God and saying here are my hands, if you can use them, you can have them. And it was like from that moment on I could feel a difference. I could feel that something was different in my hands.
And sometimes I wonder if my carpel tunnel is here to teach me a lesson. To teach me not take my hands for granted.  I do believe that one day I will be healed from this, but until then it's really made me grateful for what I can do. 
But yeah, that's my hands, and I will give glory to God for all my accomplishments. And I strive to bless him in all that I do with my hands :)
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wearing My Grandparent's Clothes

A little odd, to be wearing jeans, eh? I haven't worn a pair of those in a long time! And believe it or not, I don't even own any jeans :P. So who's am I wearing then? My grandma's! And truth be told, they fit her much better than they fit me haha. I was wearing my grandparent's clothing because it was extremely cold and we were taking my great uncle out to Latta. And I'm wearing Grandpa's flannel shirt for extra warmth. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for letting me wear your clothes! :)

(I cropped my head out of this picture because it looked weird)

The weird head. I think it was the light that made me look like I had no neck idk or what.

Jeans: Grandma's drawer :)
Blouse: Goodwill
Outer Shirt: Grandpa's
Pin: Great grandmother (Gpa's mom)
Shoes: Off Broadway
And I haven't taken my own outfit photos yet because I can't find the tripod. So thanks Care for the pics.
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Friday, February 20, 2015

Photography Friday || A New Trinket

As much as I love VV, Goodwill has some pretty sweet stuff for some pretty sweet prices. My latest find (as well as a cow tea pot) was a jewelry box, in the shape of the piano. It's perfect! And the price? $1.25 :).

all it needs is a little gold seat
What my shelf looks like currently, now with the new piano!
And if you're wondering why a good number of my photos have a map as the background-it's our kitchen table. We eat in the sunroom, and so since the table is a nice flat surface, surrounded by natural light, that's why I tend to photograph a lot of things on it. :)

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keds and Lighthouses

Remember my green Keds? They were basically my staple shoe, apart from my platform sandals and Caroline's moccasins. Well they died, a couple weeks ago. 

See they'd been missing, for I don't know, three weeks? and I just could not think of where else to look for them. Car, check, van, check, other van, check, room-house-yard, check, friends house, check, grandparent's house, check. But nope, the shoes were still in hiding.  And then a few weeks ago we were on our way into St. Michael's (the church where we do ECD), and to get to the building we walk through this little (cast iron? the metal is black and resembles a cast iron skillet idk) fenced gate. Now on this fence there are little spears or prongs. And if this is sounding scary I'm not doing it on purpose, it's a very pretty fence. But, back to the spears. MY SHOE, notice it was just shoe there and not shoes,  my shoe was speared on the fence. Alone, faded, speared, and soaking wet. What on earth. And I still can't find it's mate. 

So, due to the death of the green Keds, and the fact I was going to be going swing dancing at grandma and grandpa's, I went out and bought some more. These had not been in a window display, and due to the fact that they were both the same color, they cost the regular price. I'm happy with them though, and I think I might like them better than the green ones. :P (shhhh)

While we were at our grandparent's we made a little trip to Pilot Mountain, which isn't too far from them. It was very frigid and very windy, but the mountain made up for those not so pleasant qualities with better ones like a breathtaking view, and beautiful nature stuff like rocks and trees and the like. I'm wearing a skirt, as usual, and I kind of regretted that. But I didn't regret the jacket grandpa gave me, that has lighthouses all over it. Isn't it cute?? :)

Pin borrowed from Grandma
You can see the knob in the background. People aren't allowed up there because people have died and people that scaled up the rock face were unable to scale down, and helicopters were needed. So anyway, yeah, no one is allowed up there.
with Gma :D
I did my hair

Do not ask what I looked like when taking this photo. 

it was so beautiful

I didn't have enough time to pretty up the blending on the panorama pictures :P Just pretend I did it on purpose :)

Blouse: Goodwill
Skirt: Chicwish (mimi and poppy)
Pin: Grandma
Jacket: Grandpa's
Shoes: Off Broadway
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