Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keds and Lighthouses

Remember my green Keds? They were basically my staple shoe, apart from my platform sandals and Caroline's moccasins. Well they died, a couple weeks ago. 

See they'd been missing, for I don't know, three weeks? and I just could not think of where else to look for them. Car, check, van, check, other van, check, room-house-yard, check, friends house, check, grandparent's house, check. But nope, the shoes were still in hiding.  And then a few weeks ago we were on our way into St. Michael's (the church where we do ECD), and to get to the building we walk through this little (cast iron? the metal is black and resembles a cast iron skillet idk) fenced gate. Now on this fence there are little spears or prongs. And if this is sounding scary I'm not doing it on purpose, it's a very pretty fence. But, back to the spears. MY SHOE, notice it was just shoe there and not shoes,  my shoe was speared on the fence. Alone, faded, speared, and soaking wet. What on earth. And I still can't find it's mate. 

So, due to the death of the green Keds, and the fact I was going to be going swing dancing at grandma and grandpa's, I went out and bought some more. These had not been in a window display, and due to the fact that they were both the same color, they cost the regular price. I'm happy with them though, and I think I might like them better than the green ones. :P (shhhh)

While we were at our grandparent's we made a little trip to Pilot Mountain, which isn't too far from them. It was very frigid and very windy, but the mountain made up for those not so pleasant qualities with better ones like a breathtaking view, and beautiful nature stuff like rocks and trees and the like. I'm wearing a skirt, as usual, and I kind of regretted that. But I didn't regret the jacket grandpa gave me, that has lighthouses all over it. Isn't it cute?? :)

Pin borrowed from Grandma
You can see the knob in the background. People aren't allowed up there because people have died and people that scaled up the rock face were unable to scale down, and helicopters were needed. So anyway, yeah, no one is allowed up there.
with Gma :D
I did my hair

Do not ask what I looked like when taking this photo. 

it was so beautiful

I didn't have enough time to pretty up the blending on the panorama pictures :P Just pretend I did it on purpose :)

Blouse: Goodwill
Skirt: Chicwish (mimi and poppy)
Pin: Grandma
Jacket: Grandpa's
Shoes: Off Broadway
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  1. Our church went to Pilot Mountain about two years ago. We did a nine mile hike and ate supper probably pretty near to where you were when you took these pictures. It was a beautiful view!

    You look a lot like Caroline in these pictures, especially the one of you and your Grandma!

    1. How neat! Our church has been wanting to do something like that, where we make a hike someplace but we haven't done it yet. I'm sure that was a lovely supper :) And yes, sisters through and through! :D

  2. So cool! It didn't let me see this post for the longest time..... I'm not sure why!

    Love you!