Friday, February 13, 2015

Sunsets On The Lake

Joshua absolutely loves fishing. He's obsessed. And because I can drive he's constantly pestering me to take him to the lake, to drive him and the boat somewhere, etc. And I don't really like fishing. I think it's boring, and I think the bait is gross and smells bad. And my behind always falls asleep after sitting on a root for several hours. 

I do however enjoy spending time with my brother(s), and I like to hear the water lapping against the shore, and I like to see birds and feel the peacefulness of nature. And I like the way the sun sparkles on the water, and I like to see people wipe out when they're water skiing. And every now and then I'll take the boys to Mountain Island Lake to bask on some dirt and to fish. (There still has to be much persuasion sadly; Joshua tends to try and bribe me with money, or he'll say "it will make a great picture"). 

Last week I was persuaded to go spend some brother sister time with Joshua and we went out to the end of Sample road to try and catch some catfish. And even though we weren't able to catch anything we did get to see the sun go down. 

messing around with the Manual setting

I tried a somewhat poodle hairstyle with second day curls. I felt very much like Lucy.
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  1. Beautiful sunset! :) Hehe you very much so do look like Lucy. :P

    1. I take that as a very high compliment :) Love ya!

  2. Yup agreed. Lucy all the way! Lol and VERY pretty sunset! :D Love it!