Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Something I haven't quite gotten used to at WWII reenactments is all the male attention. For some reason Civil War and Rev War and Regency don't draw as many looks, or serenades, or whistles. :P But when we're doing the 1940's we instantly become neck breakers. And it's not the high heeled shoes because even Laurel, who wears saddle shoes, gets ogled at. 

One time the "entire army" sang a song from The Sound of Music as we were making our way up to the house, which I thought was kind of sweet actually. But we do get whistled at, and it isn't rare for some of the guys to just stand in groups in front of us and stare, without even saying anything. Brittaney does have a few guys that are madly sweet on her, and we always laugh because she's engaged and will start playing with her ring in front of them :D. 

But even though we get gawked at, the WWII reenactments are probably my favorite. As much as I love the 18th century, when I look around at all the kids dressed up with slicked back hair and pin curls, and seamed stockings and gloves and victory rolls and sweater vests-it's pretty awesome. Everyone just looks so snazzy-even the civilian group that comes out and portrays the hungry group of somewhat raggedy people looks amazing. And then to see all the soldiers....with their haircuts and to hear people speaking in German and where do I even begin with all the guns and war paraphernalia. And the old cameras. And the vehicles. I love being apart of these events :D

A beautiful hat mom got for me at VV. It ended up disintegrating by the end of the day but I plan to restore it because it's really beautiful.

half moon nails, done by Caroline

photo credits of my hair and outfit go to Ann Marie
Some soldiers are weird. And I don't mean that in an ugly way, but there are some strange dudes that come out to Latta. And because us females are such an attraction, we tend to attract all the weird guys. But, every now and again there will be a soldier that's not so odd, like Mr. Bob. Swing dancing came up in conversation, and he asked me for a dance out on the lawn. It was slightly difficult with there being no music, but it was still a lot of fun and I'm so tickled I had the opportunity. :) Photo creds of us dancing to Bascha.

Us four inseparables
taken by Bascha :)
Dress: VV
Hat: (1940's) VV
Hat Pin: (1940's) Great Grandmother
Shoes: VV :P
Heart Pin: (1940's) Great Aunt
Snowflake Pin: (1950's) VV
Coat: (1940's) Goodwill
Gloves: a vintage shop on Central I can't remember the name
Have you ever been to a WWII reenactment? If you haven't would you want to? 
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  1. Replies
    1. I did...I got a 1940's hair cut with bangs. Hopefully I'll do a post on that this Thursday :) It looks shorter than it is due to the curls.

  2. LOL Poor girls :P I'm going to guess that... since it's WWII the guys think they don't have to act as "properly" as they do for 18th century :D I mean, guys in WWII didn't act much different than guys now ;)

    I love your hair and hat! :O You look so '40's! I SO WANT TO COME TO A WWII REENACTMENT!!!!!!!!!!! I'll have to get my act together this summer and come out to one if you have one ;) I'm planning on making a really cute vintage skirt w/suspenders anyhow! :D (And I say really cute because it's going to be made out of this really awesome checkered print I have with teddy bears and tea sets bordering it! :D) It'll hopefully be awesome! :D

    Love it! Are there more pics to come????

    1. We would love for you to come to a WWII reenactment :D That sounds like it would be really cute :D I adore suspender skirts and if it had tea sets and the like I'm sure it will be even cuter. :) There are no more pics to come :(