Saturday, November 29, 2014

Busy As A Broken Sewing Machine

Thankfully my mama's a genius, and was able to fix her sewing machine, and my sewing machine temporarily. I will probably have to take mine to the shop :/, but we are waiting to see if mom can't fix it herself. 
But apart from sewing machine problems, I do have a little update with some pictures for you :) 
First, is the finished ice skating dress. Just teaser shots really because I'm going to be doing a photo shoot with here in a few days hopefully at the rink.  :D I have to check my schedule for sure though. Olivia, I'll be emailing you :)

rhinestones scattered on the skirt
And then a little bit of progress on mom's ballgown. I've finished the petticoat, and have begun fringing strips for the actual dress. There is a lot of fringing on her dress, a lot!!! Fringing takes forever, but it's so fantastic looking afterward. 

the fabric is so wonderful
look at that lovely shimmer!!! aaah!!! :D And all that gold orange fringe....

That's all for now...I'm also doing Care's dress, but you won't see any photos of that until April. All of our dresses are staying a big secret until April :P I might put a sneak peak, how I've done here with mom's petticoat, but I might not! Mwahahaha ;)
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

I've Been Tagged!

To do a Thanksgiving post :) #ThankfulFor
Here are 15 things I'm thankful for. Obviously God, my salvation, my family, these all things I'm probably the most thankful for, and food and a car and friends and such, but those things are all kind of no brainers. Things I thank God for everyday. And I think I should be more thankful for other things too, my friend Anna blogged a quote one time that said something that made me really think. It went something along the lines (I'm paraphrasing) of this. What if we woke up tomorrow and the only things around us were the things we thanked God for the day before? Powerful, eh? I will be first to admit my heart is not nearly as thankful as it should be. I'm not saying I'm ungrateful, but I could definitely make a much greater effort. 
So on to my 15 thankful things :)
1. My job. It's pretty awesome, and I'm very thankful I have this opportunity, to make mula while doing something I love. Plus my co-workers are pretty fun :D And my teacher is like the best :D
2. Having my license. It will have a been a year, come December. I've been able to do so many cool things since I started driving, and I'm very thankful that I have my license. 
3. My fluffy white petticoat. I still haven't shown ya'll yet, but I will soon, and believe me, you will LOVE it too!!! :D I'm also thankful for family members who buy things for me :)
4. My carpal tunnel brace. This has been a very helpful tool for me, and has decreased the pain and swelling a lot.
5. The fabric stash (and zipper stash, and button stash, and lace and ribbon stash, and thread stash) I received from Mimi and Poppy's friend. 
6. Photoshop, because I was able to make fabulous glitter font. (Notice the new header and signature?? Glitter baby!) And I'm also thankful for all the computer techs at my house because they can help me do things I can't figure out, like restarting my computer, restarting the wifi and installing new fonts :)
7. Dansko's and orthopedic insoles. Life savers. Or rather feet savers.
8. I know I said family members were no brainers, but I have to say Grandparents because I'm very thankful for my grandparents.
9. My tablet. It's very useful to me, and I'm thankful for it all and all I can do with it.
10. Dancing :) I'm thankful that I'm able to dance (like physically able, like my legs work and stuff), and that I have opportunities to do so. Such as the ECD we do every other Thursday night, and the swing dancing in Winston Salem. And I'm thankful that a lot of my friends enjoy dancing and that they are willing to teach me to (*Bascha and Abe*).
11. My voice lessons. I am so, so, thankful for my voice lessons. My voice teacher and his wife are amazing too. :D :D :D :D :D :D 
12. Blogs. All of you are so inspiring. You inspire me in a spiritual sense, in a fashion sense, in a food sense, ya'll are just so cool :)
13. My camera. Well it's actually my Mom's, but I've kind of stolen it in a way because I use it and carry it around with me. 
14. Our church. I tell people going to Christ Fellowship is one of the best things that's ever happened in my life. 
15. I would say cold pizza, since I just ate some, but I don't think that's probably the best way to end this post. So I'll make it headscarves instead. They are so useful, and they're cute. And they look vintage. So yes, I'm very thankful for headscarves.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I was tagged by the lovely Ruth, of Sewing Room Tales, and Ruth's Random Ramblings.  Follow both blogs if you will, I assure you that you won't regret it :) She's such an encouragement. :D I love you Ruth! 
And since it's a tag, I'll tag in return. I'm tagging Callan, since my other blogging friend Olivia already did a thankful post :) I'm not sure that Callan will get to it, since this is Thanksgiving day, but it would be nice if you did a post Callan :) 
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Turkey Cakes

Just when you think you've done everything right? Well yesterday I made not one but three turkey cakes. Something I must say I've never done before. They are creepy, cool, and a ROYAL MESS  to make. 

To begin you must mold the ice cream. Into the shape of a turkey body. Then you must make the legs, make and color the icing and ice the turkey. No biggie, right? Ah. Then you make a Carmel and corn syrupy glaze and cover the turkey. I learned that this was NO EASY TASK. I had Carmel all over me, my table, my apron, my freezer, my cake board, everything. I still have Carmel all over my apron, which reminds me I need to go wash it. Anyhow, all of this is going on while we are getting inspected and guess what? We got  100 percent! :-D 

I'm off to work again today, and then of course Thanksgiving preparations. :-)  I hope you are having a blessed week! 

Pictures are taken AFTER I cleaned my table :-D 

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Talk About Mixing Prints

There is so much going on with this skirt-shirt set it's crazy! But it blends so prettily, I really like it. The colors are perfect for fall too, though I nearly froze in this not fall weather while Caroline took pictures of me :P This is one of the outfits from that stash bin of fabric I recieved. :) Pic creds go to Care, excepting the last three, which I took.

Skirt/Shirt set: stash box
Belt: Pink&Blue, Mimi
Necklace: gift, Mom a while ago
Earrings: Care's
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Friday, November 21, 2014

CHEA Concert

A lot of my friends sing in a homeschool choir, including Callan. And since Callan was going to be singing I was going to be going. She ended up being sick and unable to sing, but I didn't get that email til we got back home so :P We did still know people singing (a lot lol) so that was good. And I got to sit with Callan which was also good :D 

The dress code was that you didn't need to dress up, but we all know I don't follow rules right? I dressed up because I wanted to, and to me this was an occasion fancy enough to call for the jumpsuit. Which currently is the fanciest thing I own, apart from the cocktail/ballgown I made.

Photo creds go to Joshua :)

I did my own hair :)

Hair Flower: made by me
Necklace: gift
Stole: thrifted, VV
Jumpsuit: thrifted, VV
Shoes: thrifted VV
Clutch: thrifted, VV

this choir rocked the harmonies!!!! It was so beautiful :D
It was a wonderful evening, the concert was very enjoyable :D xoxo
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Playing Catch-Up

It's only been a few days, but if feels like forever since I've posted. A lot has happened in these past few days, which may or may not be of great interest to you, but I will fill you in and play catch up :)
Over the weekend, Caroline and I went to stay with Mimi and Poppy. And we shopped and shopped and shopped. And I was able to find some fantastic things such as BOBBY SOCKS which I have been on the hunt for since like forever. I also found two beautiful belts, a wool beret, a super soft plaid scarf (yay!!), and an adorable little pocketbook. The pocketbook will be for a present later, but the other things I took home with me :) Thanks a bunch Mimi and Poppy!!! Oh, and most importantly from this trip. A friend of theirs recently had a family member pass away, and the lady left behind a large stash of fabrics and such. Buttons, millions of buttons. Literally bins and bins and bins. And Mimi and Poppy were kind enough to bring it down to my house for me. :) And low and behold, in the many boxes, I found a most delightful surprise. Vintage clothing. Hand made and very very old :D There were two skirt shirt sets, one of which I'm sure is from the 50's!!!! And then there's a pair of VINTAGE BLACK PANTS, and a navy skirt. And guess what???!!! IT ALL FITS ME PERFECTLY. This was none less than a miracle! :D :D :D 
Next up in the catch up game I have pictures. Turkey cupcake things I made at work. Aren't they kinda cute? I made 6 I think.  
And still more pictures, here's an outfit. If I were to make a seperate post of this outfit I'd title it "Smart" since I think it's very smart and put together looking. I'm wearing some of my new stuff INCLUDING THE VINTAGE PANTS :) photo creds go to Joshua :)

The pants are amazing :)

bobby socks FINALLY :D :D :D 
all bundled up :)
Pants: vintage, gift
Sweater: Belk
Scarf: Belk
Hat: Belk (Mimi loves Belk :D)
Coat: unkown, I want to say it was from Kyla
Earrings: Care's
Boots: Rackrom Shoes
Socks: Belk
There's more, but I'll post those pictures and stories another day, since I have to go get ready for bed. xoxo
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