Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Beautiful Parking Lot Morning

Care has been having the driving part of her drivers ed this past week, and I've been taking her and dropping her off. Problem is, it's pretty early in the morning (at least for me). But I guess there's always something good in a situation eh? Like sunrises? And warm glowing light? :) 

Caroline is a perfect picture of fall. Orange shirt, denim, sparkly oxfords. And then of course the sunshine gave it the warm glow. Except it wasn't warm, it was chilly. It just looks warm.

 I think I might have been a little warmer than dress is plaid flannel! Oh yeah! :D Sorry, I was just really excited about this dress. This is exactly how I looked the day before, but a little worse. I told you I hate waking up I literally just went to bed in everything so I wouldn't have to get ready again in the morning (a few more minutes of sleep ;D). My hair looked better the first day obviously :P

 I LOVE my new boots. They are perfect for work and have a 50's vibe to them to. I chose snow boots because they are water proof, which means if I drop icing or spill something or step in water (it's weird under the sink), they'll still be ok. Plus, they are warm and I have to go into the freezer, and they have that nice thick sole (I stand the whole time). I think I need to get some insoles still, but I'm lovin' 'em!
Also...I was backing out of JP's driveway...and in an attempt to not hit their aunt's car (btw, she was in it and TERRIFIED ME lol) I ended up hitting the mailbox...and mirror off. Thankfully the mail box was perfectly fine (I was crawling out of the driveway, like 1 MPH), but I must have hit the mirror in the wrong spot because it shattered and fell off. Whoopsy daisy! I'm going to get it fixed though. Right now it's taped, and is still useable. When you look into it it's like a funny mirror, but hey, again, find the good in the situation, you can get a good laugh while driving. I had so much fun watching distorted cars behind me.

Scarf: thrifted VV, vintage
Dress: thrifted VV
Bracelets: thrifted VV
Boots: Rack Room
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  1. "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" is only helpful when one is looking into one's mirror to see the mailbox appear.