I'm a 18 year old girl who's absolutely mad about historical costumes. Like really mad. About a four years ago I decided to make the transition to dressing "vintage", and I've picked the 1940's and 50's with a bit of modern as my goal. Apart from my obsession with fashions of old, I enjoy music, photography, sewing, cake decorating, African hair braiding, writing, dancing (swing is my favorite, but I also enjoy ECD and SCD, and African as well as any "modern" dancing I happen to learn), and blogging. I am immersed in the pro-life movement, and am involved with the ministry Cities4Life.  Two Teen Seamstresses is my other historical sewing blog which I write with my sewing buddy and treasured friend, Bascha. 

What I hope comes across to you, dear readers, on my blog is not a perfect image. I struggle, the same as I would assume most of you do, with failures and character flaws. And please don't think me humble for saying that, because I'm really much more prideful than I am humble!  I just want to be honest, and open, real and true. I don't want to focus on things I do wrongly, or mistakes that I make, but I don't want to put out an image that says they don't exist. I want to keep my focus on Jesus, but I don't always do that. And I want you to understand that too. 
If you are wondering as to the content of this blog, it's mainly going to be about my sewing, with some fashion "what I'm wearing" kind of posts, as well as some bits of photography and random life muses. A place for me to try and put all my scattered thoughts together, hopefully to the benefit or enjoyment of others.

p.s. I get called Tmarie quite a bit, that's why I chose it as the name for this blog. My most common nickname is just T, but Tmarie looked better on a header :P

p.p.s. I'm an awful speller. Sorry.
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