Wednesday, July 1, 2015

An Evening at McGuire

A few outfit photos and then friend photos from the night we went and saw the Charlotte Symphony out at the power plant. A lovely evening, the performance was excellent as always, and thousands and thousands of people and hundreds of boats came to watch. (It was held on a big grassy area by the lake). 

That evening had it's twists and turns, and it just so happened that Caroline stepped on my toe in such a way that it broke (I was barefoot of course :P). Ow. But thankfully it's getting a little bit better, though I kinda feel like I have cabin fever cause I can't go doing anything beyond walking a little bit :P 

I also got seriously dehydrated again, and I'm beginning to wonder how much of the summer I'll be able to handle. Other life updates would be two new eShakti dresses and a lovely watercolor paints phone case :) And I've made lots and lots and lots of cakes :) Oh, I almost forgot, speaking of work, next week a coworker and I are going to be going to one of the libraries near here and giving a little talk to the kids about the history of Baskin Robbins and ice cream :) I'm pretty excited about that. 

Photo creds: Ann Marie :)
Blouse: Target
Belt: Care's :P
Skirt: made by me
Petticoat: eBay
Shorts: a beach shop
Hair flower: Glitter
Caroline and Ann Marie :) 

Ann Marie and Bascha :) 
Care, Bascha, and Ann Marie :)

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  1. OOOOH So pretty! All you girls are so pwetty! Wait.. if you have a broken toe... how are you going to work? And if you're going to work.. how do you have cabin fever?! lol

  2. That peach skirt is so sweetly dreamy! What an awesome, classic piece. It's as summery as blue skies and ice cream, and just looks fantastic on you!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oh I hope your toe gets better Theresa! And I love your blouse! I think you have given me some inspiration for how to fix my (currently botched) peasant blouse.


    Brigid, the Middle Sister and Singer