Thursday, July 2, 2015

Green Plaid

Found this in drafts the other day, I wear this dress very regularly. It's one of my faves :) This outfit is very light hearted and springy, and works for a variety of occasions. I tend to wear it to work a lot, with an apron of course :) 

I look so exhausted in these pics.  I'm not even sure why I was so tired (still am lol). 

Now this outfit is such a cute happy one I hate to bring the mood of the post down with a sad story. But I can't look at this outfit without being sad because of that gorgeous pin. And it's totally my fault and I should stop harping on it and move on, but I ruined the pin. Beyond repair. Sometimes I forget to remove my jewelry when I'm getting undressed at night. So the clothes might end up on the floor or on the end of my bed with a pin or two still attached. And because it's probably inside out and forgotten, I guess I didn't think to look for it before I put it in the washing machine. *CRINGES* It was my favorite pin too, and my most treasured piece of jewelry. As you can imagine, the washer did it's dirty work, and every single little inlaid piece of beauty was dumped out of the shell of the pin. And all the little pieces washed away through the holes in the washing machine. :/ I'm soooo sad about that pin. But I have learned to check my clothes thoroughly before washing them.

Dress: VV
Belt: VV
Earrings: Glitter (the $1 store in the mall)
Pin: my Great Aunt

Have you ever had something terrible happen to a prized vintage belonging? 
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  1. I searched online for a brooch like yours and found a similar one: It only has one flower in the middle, though. That's unfortunate about yours getting washed and ruined. :(

    1. That was so sweet of you to look it up for me! I just might buy that pin Kerry, thank you for the information! :)

  2. Your outfit is DARLING Theresa! And what a pity about the brooch! I think the only thing I can think of that I have ruined (completely) was a dress that I made for myself several years ago. It never fit quite properly, so one day I just up and threw it in the trash as I was clearing out my wardrobe. Of course, the rest of the family didn't know that I had thrown away one of their favorite dresses that I wear until after the trash had been taken out... WOOPS! That was a dark day... :O But I learned my lesson, and I am NEVER doing that again! :D


    the middle Sister and Singer

    1. Thank you Brigid :) I can relate to that just wanting to destroy something that you've made haha. I'm sure it was a gloomy day. :( Been there done that and I agree, NEVER doing it again! :)

  3. Wonderfully charming outfit! I love your little heart shaped Italian micro mosaic pin. What a sweet heirloom piece to get from your aunt.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! Micro mosaic jewelry is some of my favorite of vintage pieces.