Friday, May 29, 2015


Sisters are a blessing :) I'm blessed with two of them, one being only 2 years younger than myself. That would be Caroline, more commonly referred to as Care. And surprisingly, we hardly ever fight or quarrel. And the only times we ever get into it tend to be about sharing clothes. Thankfully we have very different styles so this doesn't happen much. (I will say I'm usually the one to start the tiff since I tend to borrow her things more than she attempts to borrow mine). And speaking of clothes, a week or (has it been two??) so ago we both went to spend a few days with Mimi and Poppy and we shopped til we dropped! And ate pleeenty of chocolate to keep us going :P Love you Mimi and Poppy! 

Even though I don't think I'd ever wear most of the outfits Care wears I can't help but say she's very preppy and put together :D Beautiful in and out! 

I love my outfit, but I wasn't having a very good hair day. Sometimes southern humidity is, well very humid. But not so great hair days make you appreciate the good hair days more, right? :) 

This skirt was mine at one point because we bought it (at VV) for me, but sadly it wouldn't zip. Given a few years though my middle went in a bit more than it used to and tada! I can zip it now. Before I discovered I fit in it though, there was a time period when the skirt belonged to Care. She never wore it to my remembering, but this is one of the clothing items we most recently "argued" over sharing. lol.
miss sleepy

These shoes are (uses high sing songy squealy voice) *perf-ect*! They are quite comfy, I actually wore them to work one day. Now my feet were hurting a little by the end of the day, and it might have had something to do with the shoes, but then again my feet usually hurt when I'm working. But I really like them so much I'm debating ordering some in another color offline. (oh, and they're glittery)

photo credit Mimi :)
Caroline's Outfit: 
Dress: Julie's
Jewelry: Belk
Purse: Dillards
Shoes: Jack Rogers, Leebo's
Sunnies: Claire's
Hat: eBay

My Outfit:
Earrings: Glitter $1
Shirt: Target
Skirt: VV
Shoes: Belk
Hat: eBay

Do you and your siblings ever fight over sharing clothes? 
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Music Update

So I feel like I should probably give you an update on the music stuff, what I've done and where I'm going. I know most of you read this blog for the fashion/related posts I do, but in the beginning there was a bunch of other randomness too. I'm not like really good at this blogging thing, as you may note by the infrequent scheduling of posts, and mailboxes in almost all my photos. I also don't have like an awful lot of time to put aside towards blogging, since blogging isn't my current occupation, it's just a thing I do for fun on the side :) Maybe one day that will be different, maybe not. But now I'm distracted, so back to the music. 
What have I done? Well several things actually. The main thing being that I started singing at a worship service called C4 at UNCC (University of North Carolina, Charlotte). That has been FABULOUS and I'm really sad that it's over, but I'm looking forward to being a part of that again this fall. (It ends when the semester ends). I've met the coolest people ever, and I love them all a lot :) 
Another cool thing has been singing at work. I'm a cake decorator, as you all know, at Baskin Robbins. And sometimes I sing while I'm working, and while we're washing dishes. And some of the employees like for me to sing for customers sometimes too. Which is pretty funny but awesome at the same time :) 
The plan right now is to start videoing me covering different songs and putting them on YouTube. We are currently working on worhip songs (our "voice lessons" are pretty much "worship sessions" which is great :D hahaha). So that's what's coming up in the next few weeks, hopefully I'll have some videos to share with you soon!! 
p.s. I'm going to try and learn to play the Bass too :D
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Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Skirt Of Music

Well well, I've been gone for some time haven't I? Very sorry dear readers, hopefully I'll be back into the swing of things soon! Until then, since I'm only here for a brief minute (aaaah, types as fast as fingers will allow), here are some pictures of an outfit that Care took before I got my haircut. I have like three other outfit posts in draft, as well as a music update, and some sewing. I literally haven't been on the computer though, I actually couldn't remember the order of my password. No kidding. So, I'm sorry but I'm going to try and do better! 

I loved this outfit. The sweater was adorable, not the most flattering to a fuller figure, but I really liked the style of it. And the skirt-can I just say Chicwish is an amazing site! This is skirt number 4 from them :) Very pleased as usual :) 

Skirt: Chicwish
Sweater: VV
Shoes: VV
Earrings: gift :)

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Yet Another Haircut....:)

And glasses! Now I don't actually need glasses, but I bought some for less than $6 with clear lenses on Amazon. I'm still trying to explain to my dad (he's legally blind without glasses/contacts) how they can be a fashion accessory and that no, I'm not asking to have my vision away. I'm also not going to be wearing them all the time because they are very annoying when you try to give people hugs. :P But they're fun, and different, and cat eye, and I think we all know I love cat eye :D

Here's an outfit I wore to dance on Thursday :) I pretty much wear this dress all the time, and what I love is how easy it is to change it up. Red and flowers one day, pearls and pumps another, apron and scarf another, and the list goes on. And it's black, and I love black, and it's knit, and it has a bow. :) And pockets. eShakti is like the greatest.

Earlier on the blog, in October I think, I blogged about my first haircut. I mean like not my first first haircut, but my first "vintage" haircut. And it had been a while since I'd gotten a haircut. To be honest, I kinda miss my long hair. My loooong long hair. :( But not too much :) It will grow back anyhow, if I want it to. Several months after that haircut though, I got another haircut, that was slightly shorter, and rounded with that U shape. And then on Monday I got a middy cut!!! :D

Because let me tell you, my hair is thick. Thick thick thick thick thick. And long thick hair in the summer is hot hot hot hot hot. Plus long thick hair is really difficult to curl, and I wanted to change things up a bit :) 

Dress: eShakti (probably my favorite dress, I wear it alllll the time :P)
Belt: Target
Pin/hair flowers: ebay/me
Glasses: Amazon
Shoes: The old general store :)
Earrings: Care's, Belk

Have you ever been scared of doing something drastic, but then once you've done it you loved it? 
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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Linden Lady Palazzo Pants

I have been waiting excitedly for like a long time to share these with ya'll :D And it's nearly impossible for me to keep surprises so I think I did pretty good to not blurt it out before the right time :) 
So what is the surprise? Brijee Patterns!  And in particular the "Linden Lady Palazzo Pants". And instead of writing up about them and where the name came from, you can read what the lovely lady and designer has to say about it herself :) Read her blog post HERE. And go ahead and follow that lovely blog too, and please by a pattern if you're interested! It's an awesome pattern if I do say so myself because...

I was a pattern tester! Haha :D Which means I was getting to enjoy multiple pairs of these lovely pants before the pattern even came out :). But really though, Brigid has done an awesome job, and took pattern making to the next level! Her instructions and illustrations were clear, cute, and even had some personal notes to the seamstress in there :) And not to mention the finished result looks and feels great, which is what's most important. Even if you think you're a beginning seamstress, you could totally sew and rock a pair of Linden Ladys'!

What I probably like most about the pants, (other than that lovely 30's shape) is that it's as if you're wearing a skirt, but you have the ability to go rock climbing, boating, dancing, and a bunch of other more "robust" activities without having to worry about flashing people. Because if you're wearing a knee length or tea length dress without pants underneath spontaneous rock climbing adventures or bicycling could end up being a little risque. Another reason I love the pants is they have this fabulous billow (especially if made of rayon) when you walk, it's like you really are wearing some good ol' 1930's beach pajamas! 

And now that you've seen why I love the pants, you should see the pants! So here are some pictures! 

The first pair is made out of some light/mid weight denim I had in the stash. Incredibly durable!

The second pair is made out of a lovely rayon, also from the stash. It's got the cutest little blue and purple flowers scattered across it. I added some pinned on suspenders that match cause I thought it would be cute :). 

I just want to thank Brigid for letting me take part in this project, I'm so blessed to have been able to work with you on this-you've done a fabulous job and I can't wait to see what you come out with next! 
Theresa Marie
dear readers, I got a middy haircut (well really a middy plus), on Monday of this week. Hopefully you'll see pictures soon! Oh, and I also got some clear lense cat eye glasses too...whoop whoop! 
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Monday, May 4, 2015

A Boating Expedition ft. Bascha :D

Last Thursday Joshua Stephen and I were going to go out on a little boating expedition. Some rowing, probably some fishing, and I think Ste was trying to film a movie or something, I'm not really sure. Anyways, we were driving into the park as Bascha was driving out. So obviously the logical thing to do was to stop and have Bascha join us, Regency get up and all :) (She did change in the car :P) And we had a lot of fun! We actually went exploring on some mammoth rocks by the shore and with great difficulty (ah the memories :P), some rope, some jumping, some shoving, and a little bit of blood we all managed to get on the largest rock, and back down again. :) 

I wish I could show you the entire outfit but part of it's a secret :P. So until the secret is released *squeals*, you'll have to be content with just the shirt and accessories :). 

"You'll never be as happy as the little girl hugging her fish" yes you will :) You'll just never be as happy as the big girl holding her dog. Poor Lady (the dog) (The more I look at this the more I laugh)
Bascha and I couldn't resist an artsy Pinterest picture :) I L O V E it btw ;P


it was terrifying to take this picture, my face is real lol

Blouse: VV
Tank: Care's
Earrings: Care's
Bottoms: made by me (I can't wait for you to see 'em)
Necklace: gift from Joshua, 1940's, eBay
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