Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Linden Lady Palazzo Pants

I have been waiting excitedly for like a long time to share these with ya'll :D And it's nearly impossible for me to keep surprises so I think I did pretty good to not blurt it out before the right time :) 
So what is the surprise? Brijee Patterns!  And in particular the "Linden Lady Palazzo Pants". And instead of writing up about them and where the name came from, you can read what the lovely lady and designer has to say about it herself :) Read her blog post HERE. And go ahead and follow that lovely blog too, and please by a pattern if you're interested! It's an awesome pattern if I do say so myself because...

I was a pattern tester! Haha :D Which means I was getting to enjoy multiple pairs of these lovely pants before the pattern even came out :). But really though, Brigid has done an awesome job, and took pattern making to the next level! Her instructions and illustrations were clear, cute, and even had some personal notes to the seamstress in there :) And not to mention the finished result looks and feels great, which is what's most important. Even if you think you're a beginning seamstress, you could totally sew and rock a pair of Linden Ladys'!

What I probably like most about the pants, (other than that lovely 30's shape) is that it's as if you're wearing a skirt, but you have the ability to go rock climbing, boating, dancing, and a bunch of other more "robust" activities without having to worry about flashing people. Because if you're wearing a knee length or tea length dress without pants underneath spontaneous rock climbing adventures or bicycling could end up being a little risque. Another reason I love the pants is they have this fabulous billow (especially if made of rayon) when you walk, it's like you really are wearing some good ol' 1930's beach pajamas! 

And now that you've seen why I love the pants, you should see the pants! So here are some pictures! 

The first pair is made out of some light/mid weight denim I had in the stash. Incredibly durable!

The second pair is made out of a lovely rayon, also from the stash. It's got the cutest little blue and purple flowers scattered across it. I added some pinned on suspenders that match cause I thought it would be cute :). 

I just want to thank Brigid for letting me take part in this project, I'm so blessed to have been able to work with you on this-you've done a fabulous job and I can't wait to see what you come out with next! 
Theresa Marie
dear readers, I got a middy haircut (well really a middy plus), on Monday of this week. Hopefully you'll see pictures soon! Oh, and I also got some clear lense cat eye glasses too...whoop whoop! 
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  1. Oh Theresa!! Thank you for your sweet words! I have to say again how much I love how your pants turned out. They look splendidly fabulous! Thank you again so much for helping me out by testing the pattern. :D

    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Thank you for letting me :) I love how the pants turned out too, great pattern! Thank you :)

  2. What a marvelously chic pattern! I love (!) wide legged pants. They're usually far more flattering on me than their slender cousins, and I would, were I sewer, make these in a heartbeat. You look fabulous in both pairs, lovely lady!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you very much Jessica :) I find them more flattering as well. Hip hip hooray for palazzos!