Friday, May 29, 2015


Sisters are a blessing :) I'm blessed with two of them, one being only 2 years younger than myself. That would be Caroline, more commonly referred to as Care. And surprisingly, we hardly ever fight or quarrel. And the only times we ever get into it tend to be about sharing clothes. Thankfully we have very different styles so this doesn't happen much. (I will say I'm usually the one to start the tiff since I tend to borrow her things more than she attempts to borrow mine). And speaking of clothes, a week or (has it been two??) so ago we both went to spend a few days with Mimi and Poppy and we shopped til we dropped! And ate pleeenty of chocolate to keep us going :P Love you Mimi and Poppy! 

Even though I don't think I'd ever wear most of the outfits Care wears I can't help but say she's very preppy and put together :D Beautiful in and out! 

I love my outfit, but I wasn't having a very good hair day. Sometimes southern humidity is, well very humid. But not so great hair days make you appreciate the good hair days more, right? :) 

This skirt was mine at one point because we bought it (at VV) for me, but sadly it wouldn't zip. Given a few years though my middle went in a bit more than it used to and tada! I can zip it now. Before I discovered I fit in it though, there was a time period when the skirt belonged to Care. She never wore it to my remembering, but this is one of the clothing items we most recently "argued" over sharing. lol.
miss sleepy

These shoes are (uses high sing songy squealy voice) *perf-ect*! They are quite comfy, I actually wore them to work one day. Now my feet were hurting a little by the end of the day, and it might have had something to do with the shoes, but then again my feet usually hurt when I'm working. But I really like them so much I'm debating ordering some in another color offline. (oh, and they're glittery)

photo credit Mimi :)
Caroline's Outfit: 
Dress: Julie's
Jewelry: Belk
Purse: Dillards
Shoes: Jack Rogers, Leebo's
Sunnies: Claire's
Hat: eBay

My Outfit:
Earrings: Glitter $1
Shirt: Target
Skirt: VV
Shoes: Belk
Hat: eBay

Do you and your siblings ever fight over sharing clothes? 
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  1. Hats. are. the. best. purchase. period. lol I love it! :D Cool! Do we get to see your whole shopping haul?!

    Miss you sweet friend!

    1. Aren't they fab? Those I actually bought off eBay. Shopping haul! I should totally do that!
      Love you!

  2. I usually "borrow" from my mom's closet;) she has an awesome sense of style!

    1. Thats cool! :) Occasionally we borrow stuff from mom but Care and mom and I are all very different sized so it doesn't happen all too often.

  3. I think sisters are pretty special, too! ;-) So thankful for all 5 of mine, especially that I have one just older and one just younger than me. They're certainly my best friends!

    My sisters and I don't fight over sharing clothes because we don't share clothes. And we don't share clothes because, well . . . I'm actually not sure why! We just never did, and still don't. :-)

    1. Yes yes and amen :) That's interesting that you've never really shared clothes, especially given how close you are. Thats nice though!

  4. It's really awesome that you and your sisters are so close and that you're able to share in a mutual love of fashion together, even though you each march to the beat of your own stylistic drums. That's such a great thing to be able to bond (all the more) over.

    Have a beautiful weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I really like the way you phrased that! Very true, and I'm thankful for it!
      Thank you and you too!