Sunday, August 31, 2014

Caroline At Edisto

Do you ever plan on doing something and then forget about it for a very long time? Well back in April we had a wonderful family vacation in Edisto (that was so much fun, I love the beach) (just south of Charleston). And while we were there I took some pictures Caroline, right before it stormed. (Storms at the beach are so much fun! And a little scary. It wasn't a bad storm and the house was on stilts but still....) Needless to say I found these photos in a long forgotten folder today and thought they'd do for a blog post. (Pictures were taken before Caroline went preppy and cut off all her hair).

This picture was taken another day at the beach, but her eyes looked so stunning I had to put it in here.
Outfit details: 
Skirt: thrifted
Blouse: used to be mine, SteinMart
Earrings: mine, Belk

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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Green Swing Dress

Well before I present another eShakti dress, I'll tell you about my hair. It is, as you can see, curly. Now I was trying to do that lovely bouncy wave...had wave clips, had hairspray, watched a tutorial on youtube, this hair was going to be fabulous. I still am not sure what I was doing wrong but it ended up (this is my third try ya'll) in ringlets...that when brushed went ka-poof instead of sleek. Anyways, long story short I ended up putting it in a bun (not going out with that hair lol). But I do have pictures of it looking some-what pin curl-ish. Idk, what do you think?

Joshua was my photographer today since Caroline has been taking drivers ed this week and Mama didn't have time. (And Kyla is in the mountains). But guys, I think this might be my favorite dress yet :) It's got a 40's style bodice and a 50's style skirt-what more could a girl ask for? The fabric is a lovely shade of green knit, the dress has pockets and side zip.

My only complaint would be that the bodice is a little too long. Because of this It makes the waistband fold over on itself almost completely, and instead of being smooth against my body there are these funny little puckers on the bust. (the fullest part of the bust on the dress is higher than on me). But those are minor issues and I'm content with the dress :) And guess what? My Ked's match the colour EXACTLY, which is hilariously perfect!

funny puckers. But isn't the design lovely?
and those sleeves...:D

my dancin' shoes :)
earring selfie
Dress: eShakti
Petticoat: made by me
Earrings: $1 from some store in the mall
Shoes: my green Keds from Off Broadway Shoes
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My Favorite Quote

“If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our dead bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped about their knees, imploring them to stay. If Hell must be filled, let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go unwarned and unprayed for.” 
― Charles H. Spurgeon

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Thursday, August 28, 2014


One of my favorite day to day items, that I love and wear the most, are my aprons. I wear an apron, pretty much everyday. Cooking, cleaning, living-everything needs an apron. And since they are a fundamental part of my "outfits" so to speak, I thought I'd share the pictures of my favorite ones here with you :) (and yes, the aprons are wrinkled. I do not typically iron them...and since this is a real life blog I didn't iron them for photos either. It would be a good habit to get into though....)

This used to be my most worn apron. And then I lost it. But I found it today and it's going to be most worn again :D It's cute, has a little bit of lace, the ties are long enough to tie in the front and it has nice big pockets. Mama bought it at Hancock's a few years ago on the sale rack. It's a very cheery apron and makes it feel like sunny days even if it's raining. 

This is an apron I made a year or so ago. I had found some really cute cotton in the stash and having no other need for it, (and having a need for a second apron) I made one. And it's pleated, since I was really into pleating a while back. Lol. The color and print makes it my cozy apron, and if I know people are coming I'd wear this one since it isn't as dirty looking as the others.

A lot of my favorite things were passed down from my great grandmother and my great aunt. I can't remember which of them the two following aprons are from.  This one has 4 pockets, perfect for those random things you pick up off the floor as you're cleaning the house. Air soft BB's, game pieces and odd socks. Caroline likes to wear this apron.

The last apron I practically live in. Which is odd, since its such a bright yellow and I am typically more fond of duller hues. But this one is my go to. And the rick rack is so cute! Sometimes I wear it as a shirt apron, since it does not have a bib. 

Do you wear aprons a lot? Do you prefer half aprons or ones with bibs? 

P.S. I made that skirt a long time ago and found it in my closet and then remembered how much I liked it so I wore that outfit yesterday :) IT'S A CHOCOLATE PRINT SKIRT. And I love chocolate as much as I love aprons...if not more. And it has enormous pockets too.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Perfect Fall Dress

A couple of weeks ago I had gone to Goodwill with Care. One of my finds was this dress, which, though a little big (the sleeves totally swamp my hands haha) is really pretty. It seems more fall-ish than summer-ish in print and color, but the fabric is very lightweight (think needs a slip) so it worked out just fine for August. This was my Sunday outfit, and Kyla took pictures of me again :) Thank you!

She never fails to make me laugh. Never :P

showing one sleeve up and one sleeve down. A perfect "transition" dress for this season.

My lovely mother did my hair

Isn't the print sweet?

This picture....hahahahahahahaha! I do not recommend road photography unless you are very quick on your feet and have great hearing. We only had to jump out of the way twice, lol, and got a nice picture in the end. I like road photos :)
Dress: Goodwill
Belt: VV
Necklace: Vintage, from my great aunt
Earrings: borrowed from Care

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