Thursday, August 7, 2014

A New Bathing Suit

Look at what I found at VV last week :D! A very strange outfit. Can you imagine wearing an everyday outfit? I can see where it *might* could be made cute, but I don't think so! lol ;) What it reminded me of though, was not an outfit but a bathing suit...from like 1900-ish. It's shorts and not a skirt, but it looks like a skirt, and because of the color/style/trim, it just screamed historical sea wear to me. And being me, I'm wearing it as a new bathing suit, and not an outfit :P And for swimming purposes I think it's rather cute :D
It's slightly too big, in length and in waist width, but it swims fine, though I'll wear biker shorts under it if we at someone else's house.

my S bend ;P

do not ask what was going on with the hair. 

And all six of my eShakti dresses came in the mail today! SOOO excited! Kyla has volunteered to start photographing me on Sundays (she is so talented :D I can't wait) so you will see the dresses eventually. Also, my hair skills are improving! I've just about got bumper bangs under my belt, as well as this: (not sure what it's called)
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  1. Love the hair! And yes, I could see someone wearing the sailor costume! lol Kinda different as a swimsuit! lol