Sunday, August 31, 2014

Caroline At Edisto

Do you ever plan on doing something and then forget about it for a very long time? Well back in April we had a wonderful family vacation in Edisto (that was so much fun, I love the beach) (just south of Charleston). And while we were there I took some pictures Caroline, right before it stormed. (Storms at the beach are so much fun! And a little scary. It wasn't a bad storm and the house was on stilts but still....) Needless to say I found these photos in a long forgotten folder today and thought they'd do for a blog post. (Pictures were taken before Caroline went preppy and cut off all her hair).

This picture was taken another day at the beach, but her eyes looked so stunning I had to put it in here.
Outfit details: 
Skirt: thrifted
Blouse: used to be mine, SteinMart
Earrings: mine, Belk

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  1. Oh cool pictures! I want to see her short hair! hahaha

    1. Haha thanks! I love taking photos of Care-shes gorgeous and she is so kind to let me take her pictures all the time. I could probably make her a blog with all the photos I've taken!! I will put a picture of her haircut soon. ♥

  2. I've never seen these pictures! So gorgeous!