Thursday, April 30, 2015

An Evening at the Blumenthal

Back to the Blumenthal again! This is the second time Care and I have had the pleasure of attending one of Ann Marie's concerts there. So fancy :) Some of you may know this, but some of you may not, Ann Marie (Caroline's bff) plays viola in the Charlotte Symphony Junior Youth Orchestra, and she's very good at it too :). I can't believe how well her orchestra plays, there are some young people in there playing instruments like they're 30 (AM included)! If I close my eyes, or even if I'm looking right at them I would never ever guess that some of them are as young as they are. It's incredible. And it was so fun to watch Ann Marie play, she looked like she was part of the music. I'm so proud of you Ann Marie! You did an amazing job! Such talent :D 

the ceiling was gorgeous :)
The Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestra. Go Ginger!!
The fam. Thank you to the mum for letting me use her iPhone to take pics :)
Ann Marie!!! The Charlotte Symphony Junior Youth Orchestra
The Charlotte Symphony also played along with the CSYO during part of the concert and it was beautiful. I told my friend that if humans can sound this beautiful I can't even imagine what angels can sound like. She thinks that when we all get to heaven everybody will play an instrument and Jesus will be the conductor :)
(We aren't allowed to take pictures when the CSO plays)
Besties :)
With the amazing Ann Marie, great job girl!! 
This dress was AMAZING. The arm movement was a little restricted due my alterations (ehehe), but it's  not that big of a deal. I've never worn anything this sparkly in my life :) The original dress was probably, idk, 4 sizes too big for me, and it had huge shoulder pads. And I don't mean like big, or even really big, these were giant. They stuck off my shoulders about an inch and 3/4. And they were thick. The dress was also a good bit too short (especially with high heels). and the armholes were big enough to fit a leg through. And it wasn't petite. But I reaaaaally wanted to wear the dress so down to the sewing table it went and snip snip I took it all apart. I took it in in the waist, brought it up in the shoulders about 4 inches, slimmed the actual sleeves about 4 inches, removed the shoulder pads and added a strip of fabric to the bottom to make it a little more appropriate for my modest 17 year old self. :P Even with it's current problems it's a whole lot better than it was and I love it! (not really sure when I'll wear it again but)

there are pictures that look worse than this but gahhhhhh, look at all the sparkles!
hair cut???!!!

just kidding :D

Dress: Goodwill ($5)
Shoes: VV ($1.50)
Belt: VV
Earrings: gift
(I would say I was dressed to the nines, but the whole outfit was less than $9 :P)
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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saddle Shoes and Circle Skirts :)

My phone is incredible. Now yes, I'm aware that this is an interesting way to start a outfit post, but I just feel that it needed to be said. I have a dinky tracfone that is incredible. Oxy moron? Maybe, but I don't think a smart phone could have survived. You see when I'm at work I put my phone on a little shelf above my work table. And on the table under the shelf I happened to have a container of hot water in which I was melting a block of chocolate. I was timing a cake that was in a mold in the freezer, and I reached up to grab my phone and check the time. Plop, right off the shelf into the hot water that was melting the chocolate. My buddy took it apart and tried to blow all the water out of it, and we laid it on a paper towel to dry. He told me to spray it out with compressed air when I got home, and then put it in some rice. 
And I'm sharing this story because I hope it will make you laugh. It's still making me laugh, and I'm the one who was stupid. You see, on the hutch in the kitchen when I got home was a can, with a long nozzle thing like compressed air has. But I made the mistake of not looking at the can first, and realized after I'd doused the insides of my phone thoroughly that the can was full of WD40 and not compressed air. O.o Oh Theresa, when will you ever learn :P That's why my phone is incredible. It's working perfectly fine now. :D That's also why my hair is blonde...

photobombed by one of my brothers :)

And here we have me feeling fabulous.
For me saddle shoes were like on the list of most searched for items, like my super swishy petticoat. And finally finding some made my closet feel more complete. :) I love 'em!

I wore that outfit ^^ to work one day last week (forgot which day, but that doesn't matter), and speaking of work it's been a loooong time since I posted cake pictures. So here you go :) Some cake pictures! Last Wednesday I made a total of 21 cakes in a total of 8 hours. That's my new record. :D 

I loved this cake. It's so cute!
Scarf: VV
Sweater: Goodwill
Skirt: Chicwish
Earrings: Mimi, Caroline's
Shoes: S.W & C.S Davis Company Gen. Store :D

I've been tagged by Esther of Dolly Creates to do a little post, so hopefully I'll get that on here by Tuesday. :) 
Do you like saddle shoes? What's one item (or more) that you enjoy having in your closet?
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Adventures With Annalise

I've learned a lot of things this week.  I learned that it's helpful to pour a little hot coffee over the sugar to melt it in an iced coffee before adding the not hot coffee. I learned that if I don't brush my hair for a few days there is a lot of hair that falls out in the shower. And I learned that Annalise is amazing, but I already knew that :P. 

Speaking of Annalise she was able to come over for a few days to hang out with the family and do fun stuff this past week :). And we've been having lots of fun-staying up late at night to watch Mom's Night Out (hilarious comedy of errors, anyone who has children or knows what it's like with younger siblings would love it), and having late night talks about what God has been working in our hearts about lately, sneezes, and squealing about a beetle bug thing that was in my bed. (An absolutely terrifying experience, believe me). I was able to give her a tour of my workspace and plenty of coffee, and we also went adventuring to what I thought was an abandoned general store. 

About that general store....I learned something about it this week too. I learned that it's super cool, but more importantly, not abandoned. So you can imagine my surprise when I drove up with Annalise and Care expecting a photo prop but instead the doors were open and there were cars in the parking lot...and there were people, several actually, walking in and out. WHO KNEW? Well apparently (I feel like I'm saying that a lot, sorry) everyone in my family was aware of this fact but I wasn't....I know it doesn't make sense. But anyway, it's an old general store, full of garden supplies, some plants, a bunch of random junk, tools, lots of men's work clothes, and...........

1940's shoes. Yes. Boxes and boxes. I can't tell you how many times I squealed. Mainly men's shoes, but hey, that's still ok. I've never touched a pair of original shoes in my life, and to be able to hold shoes I'd looked at in magazines and old photographs was incredible. Those shoes were wow, those shoes were AWESOME.  Dilapidated boxes and all. 

Enough of the writing, here are a few pictures for your enjoyment. :)

Oh, they had a bunch of cool metal signs there too...I bought two and Care bought two. :D 

a funny sign

Me and Anna :) #shoulderpads

signs we bought :)

A door FULL of nails. I have no idea if there was a purpose for this of what but it looks cool :)
And an up close shot of my belt becItause ya know, that's not weird or nothin' :D.
And one more thing. There was a pair of non vintage saddle shoes there. Just one pair. And guess who's foot they fit? Hehehehe :D I bought them for $19.95 whoo hoo! You'll be seeing them on here shortly. :) 
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Sunday, April 19, 2015


I currently have like zero computer time because I used it all looking at 1950's chairs and tables. O.o So I will have to keep this post to a minim of pics today, but I hope ya'll won't mind too much! 

Mama fixed my hair :)

Don't the hair flowers remind you of the redbud blossoms I'm holding?

Dress: Belk
Belt: Kyla
Necklace: Great Aunt
Hair Flowers: VV
Earrings: friend at church

Now I'm off to finish a 40's blouse for Care :) And to dream of decorating the kitchen at my Dad's new office....which will hopefully include some 50's paraphernalia :D
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

50's Spring

Now that the ball is finally over I should be able to get back into the swing of blogging. And what better outfit post than an outfit Kyla took pictures of? Thank you Kyla! 

I wore this dress one day to work and as I was putting cakes out in the front freezer an older lady who was sitting at one of the tables called me over to say that she had a dress just like this one during the 1950's. That obviously made my day :) Now I don't think the dress is vintage but it's nice to know it looks similar :D
yes...I'm aware that my sandals are un-buckled :P

this is a most fabulous hat :D And it only cost $4 too :P

A while back I posted on IG pictures of the resin jewelry I was making, and I've got a finished product to show ya'll! A botanical resin pin :) I got the resin from Amazon and the flower from a florist in my dad's business group. :)

getting ready to make the pins/pendants
out of the molds. I do not know why there is a black strip on the side.

I love the little tucks on the sleeves

Dress: VV 
Hat: Craigslist (50's)
Necklace: vintage (50's), Mimi
Earrings: Walmart
Bracelet: Glitter
Pin: Made by me
Shoes: Belk

Have you ever made resin jewelry before? 
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