Sunday, April 12, 2015

Homeschool Historical Ball 2015 || All Our Secrets Revealed

Well well well! The secrets are out, and you can now see the costumes we've been trying so hard to hide from ya'll :D :D :D And I'm so excited to show you--I'm about to bust! How do I even begin?! 

The ball was Friday night, and it was fabulous. And I felt like I'd stepped out of the 18th century and that was fabulous. And I could look at my friends and family and see them as they would have looked centuries ago which was fabulous. Basically the finished projects gave Bascha and I one of the most satisfying feelings we've had, dare I say ever? ;P 18th century is our favorite era for the costuming and reenacting I think, so we were all more than thrilled. It was AMAZING. And I'm going to keep saying over and over that I felt amazing, because I did :D And Bascha, she looked like she was in a painting, lol it was soooo great! This was probably the hardest and most time consuming project I've ever jumped into, but it was totally worth it in the end! And everyone did such a great job too. 

Thanks to Bascha for being such a help to me with buttonholes, and draping my dress (she helped drape AM's dress and Care's dress too) and any other thing she saw lying about until 2am :P Her mom for making us laugh nonstop (to anyone wondering, Ms. Rhonda is absolutely hilarious when she's sleepy, those memories are too funny!!! :D), to Abe and my brothers for idk, just being Abe and my brothers (Joel, you count as a brother haha), and to my mama for doing the hair and wig styling (Bascha did her own hair, and it was stunning!) and for her and dad letting us be crazy and go all out this year, and doing it with us :). And Ruth and her bro coming all the way from Greensboro! Wow! That was amazing, they looked soooo good and it was so much fun to see them again. :D 

So I'm sure there will be several more blog posts to follow, and I'm still waiting for the Jacques to send me pictures, and then the ball photographer to send in pictures. :) But here are the group photos from Mom's camera! Enjoy!

L to R: Ann Marie, Caroline, myself, Bascha, Ruth

L to R: Grandma, Mama, Ann Marie, Caroline, myself, Bascha, Ruth, Ms. Rhonda

The "squad" :P L to R: Ben, Grandma, Dad, Mama, Caroline, Ann Marie, Joshua, myself, Joel, Bascha, Stephen, Ruth, Ms. Rhonda, Abe
My beautiful familly :D L to R: Caroline, Joshua, myself, Stephen, Mama, Dad
The Jacques lovely family L to R: Bascha, Abe, Ms. Rhonda (Bascha has little birds in her hair :D :D :D )
Ben and Ruth, from Greensboro!!! Whoohooo!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I do have to say, the gentleman did a great job for never having danced before, I was impressed!) (And Ruth is so beautiful, just wow)
My stunning Mother :D
Joel and Ann Marie, looking snazzy :D
BFF's :D
My parents :D My dad REALLLLY loves me cause he dressed up and did ECD :P Love you dad!

beautiful besties
the dudes! 
Dad and I dancing
Dad and I :)
Caroline and Abe dancing
So that is blog post number one, and yay!!!! Sorry for all the exclamation points but I'm just !!!!!!!! excited :D 
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  1. OH YAY! I had so much fun, Theresa! Thank you for having us! We had a grand old time! You girls were gorgeous! Your mom's were stunning! Your dad's were great! And your brothers were wonderful! It was a lot of fun!

    Love you girls so much! Miss you already!

  2. Wow! You are such an inspiration!
    I saw you at the homeschool ball (wasn't that so much fun?!!), and can't tell you how awesome you all looked.
    It really inspired me to get busy in the sewing room!

    -a 18th century costume lover named Laura

    1. Why thank you Laura! (Yes, the ball was a lot of fun!) I can't wait to see what you create!

  3. Oh my word!!! You all look positively stunning! The dresses look amazing! All of you ladies looked gorgeous, and the gentleman look equally handsome in their attire.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. Great job, Theresa! Although I do a lot of sewing (all of my own clothes plus some for little sisters :-), I don't think I would even want to TRY to do all of this! It looks very overwhelming, but projects like that always bring a lot of satisfaction once they're done, don't they?

    How nice of the rest of you family to get involved with you! (I don't think I would have pictured either of your parents wearing 18th century costumes or doing historical dancing . . . ;-)

    1. Thank you :) It was incredibly overwhelming Anna! I always bite off more than I can chew, but it does have such a great sense of satisfaction once it's done I almost can't help it :D
      They're great aren't they? :P