Saturday, April 25, 2015

Adventures With Annalise

I've learned a lot of things this week.  I learned that it's helpful to pour a little hot coffee over the sugar to melt it in an iced coffee before adding the not hot coffee. I learned that if I don't brush my hair for a few days there is a lot of hair that falls out in the shower. And I learned that Annalise is amazing, but I already knew that :P. 

Speaking of Annalise she was able to come over for a few days to hang out with the family and do fun stuff this past week :). And we've been having lots of fun-staying up late at night to watch Mom's Night Out (hilarious comedy of errors, anyone who has children or knows what it's like with younger siblings would love it), and having late night talks about what God has been working in our hearts about lately, sneezes, and squealing about a beetle bug thing that was in my bed. (An absolutely terrifying experience, believe me). I was able to give her a tour of my workspace and plenty of coffee, and we also went adventuring to what I thought was an abandoned general store. 

About that general store....I learned something about it this week too. I learned that it's super cool, but more importantly, not abandoned. So you can imagine my surprise when I drove up with Annalise and Care expecting a photo prop but instead the doors were open and there were cars in the parking lot...and there were people, several actually, walking in and out. WHO KNEW? Well apparently (I feel like I'm saying that a lot, sorry) everyone in my family was aware of this fact but I wasn't....I know it doesn't make sense. But anyway, it's an old general store, full of garden supplies, some plants, a bunch of random junk, tools, lots of men's work clothes, and...........

1940's shoes. Yes. Boxes and boxes. I can't tell you how many times I squealed. Mainly men's shoes, but hey, that's still ok. I've never touched a pair of original shoes in my life, and to be able to hold shoes I'd looked at in magazines and old photographs was incredible. Those shoes were wow, those shoes were AWESOME.  Dilapidated boxes and all. 

Enough of the writing, here are a few pictures for your enjoyment. :)

Oh, they had a bunch of cool metal signs there too...I bought two and Care bought two. :D 

a funny sign

Me and Anna :) #shoulderpads

signs we bought :)

A door FULL of nails. I have no idea if there was a purpose for this of what but it looks cool :)
And an up close shot of my belt becItause ya know, that's not weird or nothin' :D.
And one more thing. There was a pair of non vintage saddle shoes there. Just one pair. And guess who's foot they fit? Hehehehe :D I bought them for $19.95 whoo hoo! You'll be seeing them on here shortly. :) 
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  1. such coolness.. and vintageness.. and awesomeness... and funness :D lol

    1. Hahaha yes :) I can't wait to go again...hopefully I won't spend so much money though ahaha.

  2. What a positively NEAT place, Theresa! How fun that day must have been!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Yes! And it's always fun to go adventuring with sisters/friends :)

  3. Deadstock shoes...swoon!!! They are a real rarity nowadays, so to come across a place with so many is about as likely as two blue moons in the same month. How awesome that you got a chance to not only see, but touch them, too. That looks and sounds like a thoroughly enjoyable day out. Thank you for taking us along with you for it.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. It was really cool :D. I think I squealed quite a bit ;P

  4. Sounds and looks like fun! So glad you three got that time together. :-)

    1. Me too :) They are both such sweet girls. I'm blessed to be with one all the time :P, but it's great to see Annalise too!