Thursday, July 31, 2014

Charlotte Liberty Walk

Last week we did the Charlotte Liberty Walk, which is a 15 block journey back into time, through the center of our city. It was pretty cool! They give you a little brochure, and you go through and read markers which are placed on historic parts of downtown (such as where the courthouse was, the location of Thomas Polk's house, where British headquarters were, etc.) . We got to see a beautiful church and graveyard I'd never even seen before. I brought the camera and took a few pictures of our day. 

This was the place we took Easter pictures when I was little :P

Some of these graves dated back to before the Revolutionary War. It was amazing!

reading a plaque in the center of the sidewalk

Queen Charlotte statue

We passed a group of young musicians jamming at the corners of Trade and Tryon.

And a peach stand

the parking lot. I just liked the backs of the old buildings.

then we ate at the lovely Amelie's which you really have to go to if you're in the area! The place is un-describable, even hardly so with photos! 

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Monday, July 28, 2014

I Told You I'd be Honest....

And by being honest that means sharing my not so great creations too, right? :P Most recently are cupcakes I made for my gma's birthday. Fondant does not turn out so well after it's frozen ya' least it certainly didn't for me. So instead of fondant roses on top of the cupcakes I made a new kind of flower, called the Ball Flower. Yep. These flowers still tasted just as good as rose buds would have too!

And then everything had to go and melt itself by sitting in the hot van for several hours lol.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Girl in the Red Dress

This is my favorite dress. It's red. It's rayon. It was only a dollar. :D Because it's my favorite dress, I feel comfortable in it. And so I wear it a lot of places. I've worn it dancing a good number of times(at Latta, at the homeschool conference, at a swing dance thing, etc.), and so people called me "the girl in the red dress" lol, which is a name I totally do not mind.

I wore it today to a historical walk downtown, which I'll post photos of next. It was a a thrift store find, and I remade it to look more retro. It had an empire waist with ties in the back. I put in a zipper and a waistband. It has a few tears and taters, but I've gotten a lot of wear out of it, and hope to do so for a while longer :)
One of these days I need to find a photographer that actually enjoys taking pictures....and can take pictures without chopping off limbs or using strange angles. :P
fyi, I do have two feet
A rainbow!!!
Dress: thrifted
Shoes: Belk
Sunnies: Amazon
Earrings: Walmart
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Pink Dancing Skirt

I sewed this skirt a couple of weeks ago to wear to dance class. I love circle skirts and had really been looking forward to one that would dance well. This fabric mama picked up at a yardsale for 25 cents! :) It's a little heavy so it drapes well, and dances well. It has a hook and eye waistband, but I'm wearing a belt with it because I find the belt makes the outfit look more polished.

 My mom also did my hair....I had been trying to do it but had sadly been unsuccessful. She's great :D

this is my 40's pin I told you about in the other post. Isn't it darling?

my sandals of course

And the newest addition to my wardrobe! Cats eye sunglasses! :D :D :D 
Outfit stats:
skirt: made by me
cardigan: J Crew
earrings, belt: Walmart
bracelet: Glitter
Sunglasses: Amazon
Pin: great aunt
Shoes: belk
What do you think of this outfit?
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