Saturday, July 12, 2014

Big Hair. In Which I Play with Rolls.

My dear readers...I fear you will think I only wear spotted pants. I assure this is not the case. Nor was it the case on Thursday when I wore this outfit to dance. I was also wearing a shirt and some jewelry.

So I've recently been playing with my hair, trying to figure out a retro "do" I could do on my own. This roll seems like a good one, no hairspray, VERY minimal teasing (only in that front poofy bang), and it seems pretty secure. I'm not sure I *really* like the look, but hey, it works :D I can't really do the pin curls and such because my hair is really long...and thick. And I don't want to cut it. But if this style is a keeper I'll show you how I did it in another post. (If you're interested that is :))
my long hair
my skin looks un-naturally smooth in this photo...i have no idea why. My skin is not smooth fyi.

I was bored. If your photographer does not want to take interesting photos then you must make generic photos interesting :P

I'm wearing my spotted rayon-ish pants from Belk, coral plastic bracelet from Caroline, shirt from Value Village, earrings from Walmart, and necklace a family heirloom from the 50's. :D I also added another family piece (a pin) from the 40's, but I added it after the pictures'll have to wait until I wear it again to see it :) 

1950's necklace :)
What do you think of my outfit? Does it have that vintage retro vibe? And most importantly, what do you think of the hair? 
(keep it nice, but I want you to start criticizing my outfits because I want to know what might look better, or what could add to the look, or what I should not wear :P Not saying I'll follow all of ya'll advice, but I'd still like to receive it :D)
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  1. Oh! I like those pants ;) lol but.. one thing about the pants... I think for a more retro look you should go with a higher waist.. The front waist on those is rather low for vintage :)

    I love that shirt :P And the hair is really nice! So is the necklace hehehe


  2. Thanks Ruth! Your input is much appreciated :D