Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy 4th ya'll! :) This is my "patriotic" outfit, which I wore yesterday when we went downtown to watch fireworks. The fireworks were awesome, but due to the baseball game, they didn't start til late. :/ Like really late!
The shirt is from Pepperberry, ordered offline. Love that company!! :)

I do not like this picture of me.

Up close shots of my shirt
Outfit details: Pants-Belk; Shirt-Pepperberry; Shoes-(platform sandals, Belk); Bandanna-Dollar General ;P; Earrings-Walmart
The sky was breathtaking-blue but with bright pink clouds. These sky ones are not even edited!!

The sunset was so pretty, reminded me of the beach. :)
A lot of these firework pictures are just....strange. They look like fire is just shooting up out of the ground! (Which it kind of was :P)

This one I called the thistle. It was so delicate looking :)

I LOVE THIS PICTURE. I left the shutter open for a good bit and this is what it caught. Isn't that sweet?!

the street lamp looked pretty fab too

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