Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 1-7 Photo Challenge

The first picture here is obviously a "selfie"-I had been trying to get the camera to focus, but after a while I realized letting it stay blurry was actually pretty cool. It adds a lightness and dreaminess to the photo, which goes along with my pose.
1. self portrait
Green! My new Ked's with their adorable gingham laces. I love the way the light catches on the white checks.

3. something green
This here picture of clouds got me a day behind schedule as there were no clouds on day 4 :P But then they showed up nice and fluffy so I'm happy :)
4. clouds
After dark is tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. I stayed out for an hour trying to photograph various things, such as my house, the sky, and myself. Though ideally I'd have loved to take a photo somewhere with twinkling lights, the simplicity of my profile against the black is equally as cool. The sort of halo I have was achieved from light coming out of our kitchen window. I took this picture at 10:08pm.
5. after dark
This was the hardest picture of all. An obsession. Do you know how many obsessions I have? Like literally! But with the help of some friends :) I was able to narrow it down to possibly my most favored obsession. Hair. And not just any hair, though I do love all hair- but curly hair. Since I can remember, I have just been infatuated with it, wanting to look at it, touch it, take care of it, etc. And for the last several years I've also had a love of ethnic hair and African Braiding (something I'd like to pursue in a career form at some point). I just love it. I took this pic with my Dad's phone, it's a sweet little girl I know (who has awesome hair!!)
6. Obsession
I think this fabric would most accurately portray changes to come-I'm getting ready to make a lovely swing dress out of it :D Changes to come for itself, changes to come for my wardrobe, changes to come for my fabric stash. :)
7. changes to come

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