Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saddle Shoes and Circle Skirts :)

My phone is incredible. Now yes, I'm aware that this is an interesting way to start a outfit post, but I just feel that it needed to be said. I have a dinky tracfone that is incredible. Oxy moron? Maybe, but I don't think a smart phone could have survived. You see when I'm at work I put my phone on a little shelf above my work table. And on the table under the shelf I happened to have a container of hot water in which I was melting a block of chocolate. I was timing a cake that was in a mold in the freezer, and I reached up to grab my phone and check the time. Plop, right off the shelf into the hot water that was melting the chocolate. My buddy took it apart and tried to blow all the water out of it, and we laid it on a paper towel to dry. He told me to spray it out with compressed air when I got home, and then put it in some rice. 
And I'm sharing this story because I hope it will make you laugh. It's still making me laugh, and I'm the one who was stupid. You see, on the hutch in the kitchen when I got home was a can, with a long nozzle thing like compressed air has. But I made the mistake of not looking at the can first, and realized after I'd doused the insides of my phone thoroughly that the can was full of WD40 and not compressed air. O.o Oh Theresa, when will you ever learn :P That's why my phone is incredible. It's working perfectly fine now. :D That's also why my hair is blonde...

photobombed by one of my brothers :)

And here we have me feeling fabulous.
For me saddle shoes were like on the list of most searched for items, like my super swishy petticoat. And finally finding some made my closet feel more complete. :) I love 'em!

I wore that outfit ^^ to work one day last week (forgot which day, but that doesn't matter), and speaking of work it's been a loooong time since I posted cake pictures. So here you go :) Some cake pictures! Last Wednesday I made a total of 21 cakes in a total of 8 hours. That's my new record. :D 

I loved this cake. It's so cute!
Scarf: VV
Sweater: Goodwill
Skirt: Chicwish
Earrings: Mimi, Caroline's
Shoes: S.W & C.S Davis Company Gen. Store :D

I've been tagged by Esther of Dolly Creates to do a little post, so hopefully I'll get that on here by Tuesday. :) 
Do you like saddle shoes? What's one item (or more) that you enjoy having in your closet?
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  1. I love the cakes! My mom does all the cake baking and decorating for the family birthdays. I remember when I was younger, I was so fascinated by the way she could take almost any picture and turn it into a frosting picture on the cake :)

    1. Yes, it's fun to be able to "make art" with icing, I love it and it makes me happy when customers love it too :) Thank you!

  2. I love the cakes! Your outfit is so adorable! .. I'm going to send you pictures of a skirt I made recently ;) It's VERY vintage! :D

  3. Your outfit is SO cute Theresa! I absolutely LOVE your skirt and your saddle shoes! Too cute!
    And the cakes you made look fabulous! You are so talented!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. Congratulations on finding a great pair of saddle shoes! They're one of the coolest, most versatile types of shoes ever invented, if you ask me. I wear mine in lieu of sneakers for settings in which the average 21st century person would wear them (sneakers) and would say they're definitely amongst my top five most commonly worn pairs of shoes, especially when I'm on holiday or doing a lot of walking around town.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Super cute outfit!

    1. I agree! And personally I think they're much cuter than sneakers.....:)
      Thank you :)

  5. Your story at the beginning sounds like something I would do! At least it keeps us humble, and gives us something to laugh about!

    1. Haha yes :) I do hope that it won't happen again though lol