Sunday, April 19, 2015


I currently have like zero computer time because I used it all looking at 1950's chairs and tables. O.o So I will have to keep this post to a minim of pics today, but I hope ya'll won't mind too much! 

Mama fixed my hair :)

Don't the hair flowers remind you of the redbud blossoms I'm holding?

Dress: Belk
Belt: Kyla
Necklace: Great Aunt
Hair Flowers: VV
Earrings: friend at church

Now I'm off to finish a 40's blouse for Care :) And to dream of decorating the kitchen at my Dad's new office....which will hopefully include some 50's paraphernalia :D
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  1. How sweetly, timelessly lovely. I adore how you added pops of mint green to this classic white eyelet dress. The two are such a perfect match for spring.

    ♥ Jessica