Wednesday, September 3, 2014

You Lost Me @ Hello

It's not every day one's mum buys you an "airhead shirt" as we'll call it. But it was one day a few weeks ago at VV. Mom said she thought of me when she saw it (lol, guys, I'm really THAT blonde), and so she bought it for me. I really do like the shirt, even though it got fishing hooked one day in the car. :P Today I ran a few errands, and since it was hot out, I wore a lovely lightweight pinstripe skirt I got at Good Will. This skirt is a staple item in my closet. (And it has pockets :D)

really unflattering pose haha. If you are wondering what the nail thing is on my hand, I have poison ivy and it's keeping the fingers from rubbing against each other. 

Mama did a french twist on my hair, which I think I will wear more often. It keeps it up and away while still look pretty :)

And guess what shoes I wore? You're right! My platform sandals!

Shirt: thrifted
Skirt: thrifted
Earrings: Glitter
Bracelet: Care's

And an update on my corset, I've got everything I need to finish it up! Bone casing tape is fabulous btw, and-listen to this! I found a company called that is located in Charlotte. Which means, I can order things like bones and casings and other lovely stuff and just go pick it up WITHOUT paying for shipping! Yay! :) How has your week been? Are you liking this burst of September heat? 
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  1. Hmm I wonder what a shirt that described me would say.......... I'm crazy but not too blonde ;) lol You are so awesome and I don't know why you say you're blonde! You never were when I was around haha!

    Love you!