Thursday, September 18, 2014

Red Knot Dress

It's very hard for me to blog. Right now, I'm sitting in the Den, with my sizzler sister next to me very frustrated that she can't read her book about Pep the dog who is running and not stopping and hiding a doll. She's holding a microphone too, for added volume. Caroline is getting her haircut in the kitchen, and mama and the lady that cuts our hair are talking about debts and wise uses of money, and bills. Andrew is jabbering about random things with Benjamin, like trucks and sand and ice water. Benjamin is banging on a toy box lid with large wooden blocks. I'm sitting here with my hair in a mess atop my head and my thoughts running around in scrambled circles, ranging from dreams I dreamt last night, accounting things I'm supposed to be studying, and trying to figure out how to build my self confidence. There is also cowboy VBS music from a CD that friends gave us playing in here. Two of my other brothers have gone to spend a few days with grandparents (I can't wait for my turn!) and it feels a little strange not to have them here. But I'm trying to blog, and show you readers some photos of my Sunday outfit :)

I will say also, that last night I was able to fix my Edwardian corset without having to redo the entire side! YAY! Now I'm just a bit annoyed at my brother that messed it up, but not as devastated as I was before. 

Kyla took these photos :D 

My hair is in a flexi clip/holder thingy. 

I still have some poison ivy (the ASL sign for that is pretty cool, it almost makes me feel like a pirate!) but for the most part it's all healed up. I can finally put my rings back on my fingers! :D

I really have come to be called the girl who wears red (it's funny, I seem to wear red on Sundays, even though most of my closet is full of green and blue), but I really don't mind, as it's my favourite colour. I love this dress, it's comfortable and pretty, and fits me just right. :) What is the most prominent color in your wardrobe? (And what do you think of me wearing the hat?)

Dress: eShakti
Hat: thrifted
Shoes: hand-me-down from a friend, originally Urban Outfitters
Jewelry: borrowed from Care
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  1. So pretty, Theresa! I like the way you're doing it :) Your hat is pretty! Let's see.... I really couldn't say what the most prominent colour in my wardrobe is... I don't think i have one! :O lol I have some of every colour :D

    Love you!

    1. Thanks :) and that's good your colour wheel is well rounded :)