Friday, August 8, 2014

First eShakti Dress!!!

I was not paid or asked to do a review for eShakti. These are my own thoughts and opinions.

Guys I am so so so so so so happy with my purchases from eShakti! I picked 6 dresses, since there was a sale, and a $30 off coupon :) The dresses fit PERFECT, better than any clothing I have bought before. Its like sewing something for yourself, so you can have it just right, but it's made better than I could have made it, and the fabric is super good quality. I could not recommend this company more!! 

This first dress is made out of a sturdy blue cotton knit, super comfortable, but very refined looking. An excellent dress for wearing around the house, or to church, or to dance. It has an adorable 40's style bodice and a fuller pleated skirt (not quite big enough for a petticoat). The back is elasticised for better ease of movement, and there is a side zip closer for getting in and out. I changed the length on this dress to mid calf, and it hits me right where it is supposed to :) And it HAS POCKETS! Which is like perfect :)

Does this not scream to be worn with a hat and gloves? If I were dressing up I'd so do it, but I'm going to be driving for an hour and a half with a van load of kids so I chose the more casual side today :P

I'll be honest and say I cried when I put the dresses on. I'm really like the most un-emotional girl, but I felt be able to buy something and have it fit me. Ya'll might think it's no big deal, but my curves have been a real challenge for me: in clothing, confidence, and self-image. And a lot of that was because I was off the charts for sizing. Armholes would be too big, necks, backs and waists would be too big, the hem lines would be off, seams would be ripping, etc.  And because it was so hard to find things that fit, I've developed a complex, and just been really uncomfortable with my body. And it's felt very abnormal. To go shopping with friends and them be buying clothing and me not be buying clothing....because my boobs and my butt were too big. And like I said, you probably don't think it's that big of a deal, but to be able to order clothing and have it come fitting me like a glove in the style and fabrics I want, without pins or alterations, it's huge. And I'm so happy and excited now, and will be asking for eShakti gift cards for my birthday because this feels awesome!
And the waist sits on my natural waist :) And I'm short waisted and petite! This is fabulous, absolutely fabulous ya'll!!! 

Ring that belonged to my great great aunt :)
Dress: eShakti, Ring: vintage, Necklace and earrings: gift from mama, Sandals: (yes, my like only pairs of shoes I wear are Ked's and these platforms lol) Belk, Sunglasses: Amazon, Cami: Old Navy
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  1. Awww I'm so glad you found something that works, Theresa! I know you'll be like, "What? No way!" when I say that for a while I really had a hard time finding clothes that worked! haha (Especially a swimsuit!) This stuff looks really good on you! I'm so happy for you! You're post made me smile!


  2. This dress is SO YOU!! I got teary-eyed just seeing the joy on your face! Love you and miss you like crazy!!