Friday, August 15, 2014

Navy Blue and Pastel Pink

Kyla came over today, and did a little photoshoot of my third eShakti dress :) She's much better with poses than I am, as you can see :P This dress is cotton poplin (I realized today that the poplin dresses are lined), with pockets, princess seams, back waist elastic, and side zip. The neckline has a really pretty swish design, which is bound with pale pink same as the sleeves. 

I put on some of Care's it made my mouth looked kind of washed out haha :P
how I painted my nails, a pale teal with rainbow glitter

Callan braided my hair yesterday while we were waiting at the hospital. (Ben had to get stitches on his head...fell and hit it on a table. He's ok though :))

I like this picture

Dress: eShakti, Earrings: Care's (pearls), Shoes: Belk

Isn't this dress cute? And Thank you Kyla for taking my pictures :)!
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  1. Awwww!!! You kept the braid in!! Ya look fab! <3

    1. I did :-D and thank you! I felt pretty fabulous too! Amazing what well fitting clothing will do for ya (and great friends ♥♥♥)

  2. Wow! That dress is so cute, Theresa! I love the pink! Yes, Kyla did a wonderful job with the poses! You look so cute and happy!

    Love you!

    1. Tee hee! Thanks :-) she's going to take pictures again this afternoon.