Monday, August 11, 2014

Mint eShakti Dress

Good morning readers :) It's been raining almost continually here, but Saturday I managed to get a few photos of my next dress for ya. It's made of cotton poplin, and fits wonderfully :) It too has pockets and a side zipper. I wore this around the house and to a kids science museum. The scarf is to cover a type of pin curls I was trying....I was aiming for the sleek waves of the 40's but it didn't work out how I thought, and my hair on Sat. night (when I went swing dancing!!! :D :D :D (for the second time)) ended up in a chignon. :P
awkward stance. but you can see the joy on my face

vintage pin, also from my great great aunt.
And I wore my green eShakti dress with my matching green keds to swing dance, but due to rain and low camera batteries, I have no pictures of it :/  Love ya!
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  1. Oh I like how its fitted! And the little sleeves and the bow are so cute! Better start ordering cool weather stuff! haha We've only got about three more months till its COOOOLD. It's been only going up to around 76 all week here (but that's just a random little cold front)

    Love you! I'm so glad you have clothes you love!

    1. Ikr? I did order a long sleeved dress from them, it's dress number 6 :) I'm loving the 70's weather....very refreshing when it comes with low humidity :D
      Love you too!