Monday, May 4, 2015

A Boating Expedition ft. Bascha :D

Last Thursday Joshua Stephen and I were going to go out on a little boating expedition. Some rowing, probably some fishing, and I think Ste was trying to film a movie or something, I'm not really sure. Anyways, we were driving into the park as Bascha was driving out. So obviously the logical thing to do was to stop and have Bascha join us, Regency get up and all :) (She did change in the car :P) And we had a lot of fun! We actually went exploring on some mammoth rocks by the shore and with great difficulty (ah the memories :P), some rope, some jumping, some shoving, and a little bit of blood we all managed to get on the largest rock, and back down again. :) 

I wish I could show you the entire outfit but part of it's a secret :P. So until the secret is released *squeals*, you'll have to be content with just the shirt and accessories :). 

"You'll never be as happy as the little girl hugging her fish" yes you will :) You'll just never be as happy as the big girl holding her dog. Poor Lady (the dog) (The more I look at this the more I laugh)
Bascha and I couldn't resist an artsy Pinterest picture :) I L O V E it btw ;P


it was terrifying to take this picture, my face is real lol

Blouse: VV
Tank: Care's
Earrings: Care's
Bottoms: made by me (I can't wait for you to see 'em)
Necklace: gift from Joshua, 1940's, eBay
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  1. How wonderfully pretty. I could happily live in airy, classic blouses/shirts like your beautiful example here from May until the first nippy winds of autumn come calling in September.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I like blouses like that too :) I'm actually planning on making a few this summer :)

  2. I love your outfit Theresa! Your top reminds me of a favorite one that I used to have that I sadly *sniff* grew out of. And I think I know what the secret is... :D
    Looks like you had a splendid time!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Thanks Brigid :) Yes you do :D Great work, I've gotten lots of compliments where ever I wear them :)

  3. You look gorgeous, as always!! I love the fabric that your blouse is made out of - dainty florals are my favorite!!

    1. Thank you Esther :) There is something particularly great about flowers :D