Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Poofy Bang" Tutorial....and a Haircut :D

I'm not a vlogger. Just no. This is not for me. But I can't photograph myself to make a picture tutorial so....vlog it was. It's a little long because I was blabbering, but this bang literally takes a minute. Ruth, you can watch it because I embedded it on my blog, it won't link to youtube. :) Love ya!

Speaking of hair though...I GOT A HAIR CUT!!!! My hair now comes to just above my bra band and it's blunt cut.  I'm not so sure I'm thrilled about how it looks, but it's SO much easier to style! And I plan on trying pin curls in the near future :)

my hair is not actually wavy, I'd had it in a braid that day.

Much Love!
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  1. Oh I like it! :O I would not look good with shorter hair than I have hahaha! Love your new hair! Are you going to get layers?


    1. And haha! thanks! I didn't even see that you had written that! I went through the pictures first :P cool tutorial! I may be able to use the bang sometime ;)

  2. No problem :-) I don't think I'm going to get layers soon...its hard to style with layers. hair is SO thick and layers really help with keeping the weight and fluff off :-)