Thursday, October 16, 2014

Figuring Skating Dress Plans

So....the figure skating dress I'm making for a friend of mine has begun! Whoopdy do! She's going to be skating in a competion come December, and I'm making the dress :) And I'm really excited about it too, I've never made anything like this before haha. 

I'm got my pattern worked out, and am fiddling with altering a few things to make the neckline and skirt different right now. I got a simple leotard pattern for the main bit of it, and I'm doing what I typically do for the rest :P  I downloaded the pattern and when you print it off it's like a mammoth puzzle that you put together with some tape. That's all I've got photos of right now.

I'll keep you updated as I progress! Going hiking at Crowders Mountain today again, with the friends we were going to hike with last time. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures!!
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  1. Oh yeah, Olivia's going to look gorgeous, I'm sure! :D Can't wait to see more pics! :O (do you have any sketches already made out of the basic dress? :D)

    1. Of course she will :-) I do have a few scetches, a rough sketch and a better one that I'm working on. I've got the mockup made too :-)