Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Dixie Classic: Part 1

Well, as you could assume from my last post, we went to the Dixie Classic Fair on Monday, with my grandma and grandpa. :) And we brought Kyla with us :D Now I did take pictures (QUITE a lot actually), but I didn't take as many as I would have otherwise, since this was the year for rides. We only ride the rides every two years or so, since it can get kind of pricey with the amount of people we have in our family :P :/.  And when you are riding rides, you don't really want to be holding a camera the whole time. This is a rather impossible feat. 

The fair is SO fun! Especially when you are with some of your most favorite people, which we were. :) It's loud, it's colorful, there are lights everywhere, and hundreds of people. It's something to experience-but I'm glad everyday life is not like that. I'm not sure how much I'd enjoy working at the fair...probably not very much. It's crazy and great to get to do everyone once and a while though!!!

I started out editing, but then I got tired and stopped, before I even got to the Ferris wheel haha. In my defense I was sick all day yesterday, from the fair after effects. I only threw up one time at the fair, and that was after I rode the swings, the Zipper (mistake!) (but at least I was with Kyla, and she enjoyed herself I think), my favorite The Claw (I forget what it's actually called), and the Hang Glider. 
Andrew and I in the car on the way.

The fair will have shows you can go see too. Pig races, small circuses, acrobatic feats, magic shows, etc. We went to a show called agri-cadabra (agriculture magic show :P) and THAT GUY WAS HILARIOUS!

Oh, and I found SWEATER PANTS AT TARGET. These are black, the lighting is just off. They are sooo comfy, can be worn plain (with a shirt that covers obviously), or under a long skirt for added warmth. Super cozy. :)
close up of my dress fabric. 
The magician/comedian. 

Kyla, is, Kyla is crazy. Crazier than me apparently, she rode a ride called the fire ball. She didn't freak out at all, but I freaked out a lot, just watching her on it. She's fearless. I was too scared that my brain would flip.

This was one of my favorites, calm and peaceful until they came and cranked it up. 

Andrew on the ferris wheel.

The vote ended up being on the grey boots. 

Kyla bought coke, because soda helps calm your tummy. We needed it!

Andrew, Elizabeth, Grandma and Grandpa
This was too funny

more coke. We had a few bottles.

That was our next favorite ride, the Ali Baba. It looks really scary, but it's really quite fun. Kyla and Caroline rode on the back row, which they said was not fun. But the front row was fun.

Kyla and I brought our camera's up on the high swing, a feat that we did kind of regret since it made us feel kind of sick afterward. 

I have a love of heights. The ferris wheel and the high swings were great, because it was like being atop a mountain, but without the trouble of having to climb up there. Haha :P

So there you have it, part 1! Part 2 will be with some of Kyla's pictures.
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  1. Looks like LOTS AND LOTS of fun! :D However, I would not go to a fair because I hate heights/motion! hahaha maybe I'd stay on the ground and go to all the petting zoos and eat all the candy ;)

    Glad you had a fun time!

    Love you!

    1. Oh yes, I get PLENTY motion sick! And that sounds like a plan too. We bought the wristbands so I wanted to get my money's worth out of the rides. And they are fun, but I suffered from a minor concussion the next day and was sick for like three days after it, and I had to get adjusted 4 times at the chiro. But in two years I will have forgotten all about that part :P

    2. OMG! :O that is horrible! lol yeah see, i can't bring myself to do anything that will make my stomach sick :p lol