Sunday, October 12, 2014

Baby Shower Cupcakes

9 months ago, a young woman went to A Preffered Women's Health Center (the abortion clinic at which we minister) intent on killing her baby. She actually said "I'm going to kill this baby." But guess what? God touched her heart, and she didn't kill her baby. She still felt that she was unable to care for the child, and felt it would be best to put her little girl up for adoption. One of the counselors had a sister who wanted to adopt, and guess who's baby they adopted? The young lady who had changed her mind! Praise Jesus, He's so good!!! 

For the shower (which due to other circumstances (we have my little not angelic angel and her baby brother with us) I was unable to attend), I made cupcakes. The little girl is bi-racial so here are my little mixed baby face cupcakes. And the pink blobs are paci's. Lol. They're so cute :)

hair bows for the cupcakes
These are from another baby shower I did, and this is what they'll look like with the hair bows.
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