Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What's On My Sewing Table

I know some of you are getting ancy about the figure skating dress and wanting to see it's progress. So I'll blog about it first. 
Sadly, I don't really have a whole lot of progress to update ya'll on. I've made the mockup, but due to my not so regular schedule, I haven't had a chance to meet up with Olivia for her to try it on. But the good progress would be the mock-up, which fits both me and Care fairly well :P. And *SQUEALS* I have the fabric, a lovely black stretch velvet, and the pattern worked out, and the elastics and all the hundreds of rhinestones :D. I'm very excited about this project! 
the fabric :D
the basic mock-up with out the skirt
the other stuffs :)
The next project update is the Chemise a la Reine I'm working on for Gma. It's got it's sleeves attatched, and ribbons purchased. The only things left is hemming the skirt (blaaaaaaaahhhh), gathering the sleeve channels (aka stitching down those ribbons), and making the sash. It's looking very pretty and very sheer. And because I love you I'm putting in a sneak peak picture of the dress. It probably doesn't look that impressive to ya'll at the moment hahaha.
the dress without it's sash
the sleeve...without it's gathering ribbons.
And since I haven't showed you Caroline's dress fabrics and inspiration painting I might as well add that in here too :).  I have 11 1/4 yards of blue taffeta, 100 yards of soft white lace trimming, and 25 or 50 yards of pink ribbon (no photo) for the roses. Still need some pink striped ribbon/fabric for the bows.
in some of the other scanned photos of this painting the fabric isn't quite as teal.
fabric and lace for Caroline's dress
Also I FOUND FABRIC FOR MY MOM'S DRESS!!!!!! And that's in all caps because I thought I'd NEVER find it, but I did, and all 5 1/2 yards cost $11. :D :D :D 
the fabric
the inspiration dress
And I bought a new pair of scissors. That's all for now! I'll keep you posted as things start to happen. Love ya!
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  1. I am sooooo excited for this dress!!!!

    1. We all are!! :-D I'll have to do a photoshoot of you once its done :-D

  2. Oooh! Loved seeing an update! :D