Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Black Button Down, Oh and Eyeballs

So, we'll talk about eyeballs first alright? Since that's probably what caught your attention anyway, am i right? 

Care and I were experimenting with our drawing skills yesterday, and we tried to draw eyes. (I'm saying eyes now since eyeballs sounds kind of creepy)It was fun! I drew one eye, but then it looked kind of lonely on the paper by itself, so I added an eyebrow, and then I added another eye, and then I added a nose (first nose like ever) and a partial lip and then I ran out of paper. So I tried to fill the rest of it in, but I couldn't quite get the shading. I figured I'd try the "contour" method that's popular with makeup but that didn't work so well. Apparently, pencil does not blend as well as foundation. At first it looked like her head was like bulging out so I tried to erase it, but then she ended up a little ashen. Oops. And hair. I just could not get the hair under control so I tore it out. So I have a slightly bald woman here for you to look at. But its not that bad I dont think. And it makes me wonder why I havent drawn anything for so long. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it :-) 

About the outfit. I must say, I'm in love with it! This might be my new favorite because it's comfortable, cute, and perfect for everyday. Plus, get this, it matches my red headscarf. And do you know how many outfits match my favorite hair accessory? Sadly, only like one. So score!

Now we don't shop at Target. But Target has a lot of clothing...and so far I've found success with their clothing. Not all of it, but of all my off the rack clothing, Target has probably been the best for getting a decent fit. So, reluctantly mama and I went to Target and bought two button down shirts (which fit well enough to wear not tucked in too), and a dress. (The dress and sweater pants I wore to the fair)

Care took these pics. Thanks dear!

The shirt is nice because it's knit, and has these super stretchy panels inserted into the sides for more give. 

The sleeves have these panels too....I guess for if you had bigger arms?
That little image of fall leaves that says "expectation" and "reality" is quite true....this is what the yard looks like ehehehe. Still pretty though. And it's mainly because we had some rain. The leaves on the road are drying up and they look pretty cruchy :).
Scarf: thrifted, VV
Shirt: Target
Skirt: thrifted, My Secret Closet
Shoes: Minnatonka Moccasins, Care's
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  1. like the drawing.. like the outfit! :D Very pretty! :D

    Love you!

  2. I didn't know you could draw! Did you take art class?

    1. Yes you bought sketches of mine for 25 cents when we were still at Central :-P And I kept winning the art contests and making everyone mad. Lol. No, never taken art, Care has. :-)

    2. Oh, I think I remember that, but that was a long time ago. :)