Friday, October 31, 2014

Recording!!! || Parts Two & Three || :D :D :D

I kind of have to combine parts two and three of my recording series....:P Hopefully ya'll won't mind. :)
Part two was pictures "in the studio." So here are a few snapshots. It's much bigger in real life, and has really sweet lighting...I am not master of my flash yet so it doesn't look all that cool lighting wise in the photos. Oops :). The studio is SWEET though, really really cool :D He's got a pretty neat set up going on in there.
painted records on the wall

I loved the sound absorbing foam. It has glitter in it, like I might just have to buy some myself!!

I wore the head sets with one ear on and one ear off. It mixed me up with both on or both off :P
the room through that window is where you record
Here's the song! It's me singing, but then JP and his wife sing harmony on one of the verses and a chorus (*awesome!!!*). JP especially is kind of quiet I think, but it's so amazing to be singing with him. For me, singing with him is the equivalent of say Callan singing with Taylor Swift. I'm so happy guys, you have no idea :)

Love ya'll! Xoxo,

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  1. You have a beautiful voice! I wish my voice was half as interesting :P lol I'd love to hear you singing something else, too. This song is so fast (not actually fast, but like, you have to talk fast) I can't quite hear all the features of your voice. Are you allowed to post more? Or send me some? lol

    Love you! And so awesome!

    1. Thanksies :) I will post more when we make more but we've only recorded this one song so far :). I agree, I much prefer to sing slower, but I absolutely love this song, and so does he, so we picked this one :). Pish-posh Ruth! Your voice is beautiful just how it is :)
      Love you too!

  2. YAY PICTURES!!! I'm so excited that you get to have this experience!! I might have to get some glittery foam myself(: Love ya girly!!

    1. Yes! I'm excited too :-) we should totally do a studio at one of our houses and buy some glitter foam :-) love you too!!!