Saturday, October 25, 2014

And I Proudly Present: MY BESTIE!!

Ya'll, I mean she's awesome :) I couldn't more proudly present her- she's everything I want in a friend and more :D. Beautiful through and through, I love her to death. So, without further ado, pictures of the most wonderful Callan Rushing! Who, I must add, blogs on her most wonderful blog, Little Quirks and Lots of Sparkles.  And I'm serious when I say go follow her, because you'll love her blog and want to follow it anyway :D. 

Callan and I had planned on doing a blogging collaboration photo shoot, like pictures of the two of us together. A "sister shoot", or whatever those are called. But we kind of forgot about needing someone to take pictures of us together...and it turned into a person and person photoshoot. Which was still super fun :D And then we had coffee and went shoe shopping but didn't buy any shoes. Oh, and I got lost, but thankfully Callan drove around in circles until I found her again :D How many laps did you make girl? Very stressful lol.

These pictures were taken at Freedom Park. And barely edited, because I don't like overedited photos. I'm starting to think something has happend to my camera lense though, because everything looks so smooth, like look at the bushes, it like has a blurred glow kind of thing going on. Interesting.

the adorable cardigan :)

of course the fedora :)

I LOVE her boots! Callan has a great eye when it comes to fashion, and I love how she uses current trends, but adds her own flair to things. She very much has an individual kind of style, and I like that. She's confident to, so she can pull anything off! 

really pretty bush/tree we found. There didn't seem to be many bright colorful fall leaves, so we experimented with other shrubbery. :D

She has some of the prettiest eyes I think I've ever seen. There's just something about blue eyes.
Fall here is kind of hard to judge, the weather can't quite make up it's mind about being summer or winter. Callan calls this a "transition outfit", a favorite summer top, and a cute lighterweight sweater than can be tied around the waist if it starts feeling warm out.

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  1. Nice! You are very pretty, Callan! :) Yes, Theresa... blue eyes... *sigh* lol I'm actually happy with brown but I love blue on other people! haha

    Cool you have an awesome best friend :)


    1. Yeah, I'm happy with hazel too, but blue on other people haha :-) And I'm blessed to have so many awesome friends!! ♥

    2. Yours look blue half the time :P Mine are green when the sun shines on them :D

    3. I always think you have blue eyes! haha