Saturday, October 4, 2014

Quick Poll

So we're going to the fair this coming Monday (squeals with delight :D), and this is what I'm going to wear. Problem is I'm not sure which shoes to wear with this outfit. So I thought I'd ask ya'll what you thought looked best, and why. Kk? I'm not wearing my tennis shoes because they give me blisters believe it or not. 
First up we have little grey suede ankle boots....
 Then the exact same boot in black (the grey ones are mine, the black ones are Care's :P)
 And then my leather boots. (Or my funeral boots, since they're the ones with the scuffed toes from my funeral accident)
 And then two pictures of Captain Adorable, just, well just because he's adorable :D.

Thank you! I'm looking forward to your feedback :) And sorry for posting every day this week hahaha.
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  1. I love when you post a lot :P lol and I'd say the black suede.... dont tell care it was my idea :P lol

    1. Ok good :) It seems though I either post a lot, or I go for weeks without posting at all. Bad time management on my part, I'll try to do better. Thank you for your vote!

  2. This is probably coming too late, but I absolutely LOVE the contrast that the "funeral boots" give to the whole outfit!!

    1. Yeah....I was at gma's house already. :P But thanks for your vote! (the leather boots do give excellent contrast to just about any outfit :D)