Friday, October 3, 2014

Last Sunday's Outfit

Last Sunday was a gorgeous fall day (I originally typed "fay dall", and what better time to wear a fall outfit than a day like that? Do ya'll think I'm beginning to look a little more at ease in photos? I'm getting more comfortable with getting my picture taken I think. Of course having Kyla as my photographer makes all the difference, it's very hard to be uncomfortable around Kyla :P. Kyla I love you :) 

This is my favorite shirt, probably ever. It's knit. It's black. It has flattering peplum to it. It looks good with a belt or without. It works for all seasons. I really really like it. I like the skirt too, it's not stretchy, but thankfully it's not tight so that works :). And the colour of it is fabulous, I love olive. Especially for fall. And I found it at VV last week, score!

the hang of the pelum. It's reminiscent of the 40's style peplums, long in the back, shorter in the front.

Black is a good colour on me too. Probably the best. Don't I just look alive? Isn't it funny how different colors do different things? As much as I love white, white just does not make me look alive. Black does. Comical since white typically represents life and black represents death. It could mean death to sin and self :P 

me being me

whenever I have the arms of a sweater over my shoulders I feel like Audry Hepburn. I'm not sure why, and I'm really not even sure who she is, but still. 

Shirt: Target
Skirt: thrifted VV
Shoes: Belk
Necklace: Care's, Walmart
Hope you are having a blessed week! And enjoying the fall weather! :) 
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