Thursday, October 30, 2014

South Mountains

This is mainly an outfit post since I didn't take an awful lot of pictures. Picture credits of me go to Care :)
I could describe the weather and the way everything looked for you, but that would take too long. :P

The top of the 80 foot waterfall we hiked too. I couldn't get a pic of the whole thing :/

I got a new black belt! Gift from mama

my hair did not want to stay in that snood
The kids were playing on the hundreds of boulders scattered about in the river. I thought it would make a good photo for me to go and sit on one, but I ended up getting stuck. And stucker and stucker. It was a good bit before I made it back to the family, and Joshua said it was incredibly embarrasing for them to have to watch my struggles because of the other people that hiked past. Lol. 

I was able to get the pictures though :P

Snood: I'm not sure. It's either been left at my house by Bascha...or I bought it at Sally Beauty Supply
Dress: thrifted, VV, refashioned
Belt: thrifted, Goodwill
Shoes: TOMS, probably Nordstroms
Earrings: cute little panda's, Care's, Kholes?
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  1. I'm gonna vote left at your house by Basch ;) lol

    Like the dress! Sounds like you had fun!


    1. You probably voted correctly :)
      Thanks! We did!
      Love you too!