Friday, October 24, 2014

A Trip To Blowing Rock: Part Two

Here are the rest of the pictures that didn't make it into part one :)
The leaves there were perfect: colorful, crunchy, and drifting about everywhere :D
Care :)
 We went to this museum/gem mine/mystery house as well, called Mystery Hill. It was sooo cool! There is a place in the ground (only 13 places like this nation wide), where there is a concentration of certain minerals, that's so strong it causes a magnetic pull. Of course, the "house" built over this spot enhances it for the public. It was really crazy feeling, and it made us all dizzy. Here are some pictures from that place.
old tools on display
in the crazy room

it's all about perspectives :D (haha, made me think of you callan :D)
the museum part

There were probably millions of arrowheads. I'm not kidding. They had them everywhere!!!!!!! And I loved the way they chose to display them,wasn't that a neat idea? 

itty bitty ones
heart arrowheads :D
 Upstairs they had a little historic house set up, from the teens era. I loved it! Here are a few of my favorite snapshots from up there.
this painting is so beautiful

I adored how this room was set up. I want to drape flowers across our piano (that ones an organ, but ya know) and have soft flowing white curtains too.

Gem mining. The kids found some pretty good stones!! And I bought a strand of coral beads to make a regency necklace out of :)

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  1. Caroline's going to choke Andrew! HAHAHA

    cool! looks like fun :) I've been reading so many 1910's books :D haha so many in fact that I dreamed I was in West Point last night :P

    looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

    Love you!

    1. lol! love 1910's :) I think I like every era though...historical disorder :P. What a lovely place to dream onself into! We did have fun. Love you too!

    2. Yeeeeeeah... my senior officer hated me and was trying to kill me.. then when that failed, he got me forced to resign, but my entire platoon resigned with me, so the matter got looked into and we were exonerated and the officer was discharged... booted.. kicked out... lol

  2. We went to Mystery Hill last time we went to Blowing Rock, but we all regretted it. I definitely considered it a tourist trap. Just our opinion, of course. :) Glad you had fun!

    1. Maybe a little touristy...but we liked it. Especially the younger kids. And I liked the arrow head museum and the old fashioned upstairs. :) And the strand of coral I got for $5 :D