Tuesday, July 21, 2015


This feels good. This is how I like to blog. The laptop is sitting on one of the kitchen counters as I'm in the midst of cooking an Indian beans and rice dish that involves a lot of curry. Right now I'm sauteing the onions and I accidentally just sent a spatula full flying across the kitchen. Because it's totally a good idea to cut a raw onion that's in hot bubbling oil with a thick plastic spatula. Totally. And because I'm lazy, not overly lazy, but ya know, I'm not gonna deny it completely, I haven't cleaned the onions up yet. I'll let you know when mom finds them :P (I will clean them up eventually). 

But rambly posts, I like those. And, shocker, posts without pictures lol. I mean I guess I could throw in a pretty flower, or haha, the onions on my kitchen floor, but sometimes word pictures are just as nice, even if they're less eye catching. Now if I wrote in big font and it stuck out then maybe that would be eye catching, and I might do that if I think you're getting bored. We'll see :P 

But rambly posts must have some sort of direction, so this is the post plan. To tell you about what posts will be coming up next. For starters I'm back from the hot hot hot hot hot hot hot state of ALABAMA. Whew! Did I say hot? :P And I have an SD card full of pictures and then a cellphone full as well. FYI, I'm drinking Raspberry flavored Tropicana lemonade out of the container. It was almost empty. Now it's all empty. :D But I got off track, the Alabama post. And even if I have to wait a while to post it, I want it to be big, but to be complete and not just posted when I've got 15 minutes of free time sort of thing. (That's what outfit posts are for :)) But I will say it was amazing and I'm so thankful for the opportunity that we could go :) 

Second post coming up is going to be birthday portraits of Elizabeth, my little sister who just turned 9. :) Just cleaned up the onions. Told you I would :) Elizabeth is currently playing dollhouse and singing a song she made up called "We love the childs". And the second photography post will be some pictures I took a while back of Caroline and Ann Marie. I wanted to experiment with the editing of those so I haven't quite gotten around to finishing them up yet. 

Thirdly, I'm getting my list together of things I want to enter into the Dixie Classic Fair this year. And once I get my list together I'm going to post it on here to keep myself accountable for all the things I will be making because whoop whoop, my sewing machine is FIXED and I brought it home from the repair shop today!! :D But I want to enter cakes in this year and something that I've been dying to try (on non ice cream cakes :P) is painting on fondant. When I get to that point in the test runs (because there will be test runs....I haven't had a successful fondant recipe yet haha), if it turns out I'll make a tutorial, and if it fails I'll make a blog post so we can laugh at it together and learn from my mistakes. 

But now dinner is almost ready so I'll wrap up and get on with the evening. And one more thing, I'm wearing the cutest new pajamas that have butterflies all over them :) The pj's are teal, with pink piping and pink buttons and little butterflies that have pink and yellow and green flowers and swirls on them :) 

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  1. This post wasn't rambly at all in the slightest, IMO, and I really enjoyed it. I like a hefty, solid post with some (text) meat on its bones. In this ever more social media driven and inspired world, we don't see enough of those kinds of posts (in most sphere at least) any more and I for one am behind them big time (as amply evidenced by my own blog! :D).

    Hope your dinner was delish - it sounds awesome!

    ♥ Jessica