Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Little Quirks.....and Lots of Sparkle :)

We definitely have little quirks. A rather large amount of little quirks :P But thankfully I think we both have enough sparkle to make up for them eh? Isn't that right Callan? :D
Today we had the great pleasure of the Rushings coming over in the afternoon. I picked up Callan earlier when I took Care to driver's ed. :) We ate spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast (well Callan didn't eat the spaghetti), which we later learned was what they were supposed to be eating for dinner tonight. Oh dear. 
We planned out a "dress" for a co-op formal she's going to in two weeks, got some school work accomplished, and of course played guitars and sang :) 'Cause that's just how we do :)
I had a blast, as always, and Stephen was sweet enough to take photos of the two of us. Impromptu photo shoot! So finally the blogging collaboration we had been planning on. :) And again, here's her blog!

I forgot how to make a hand

Callan looks like she is thoroughly enjoying those leaves

Photo creds of me go to Callan :) I lover her!
yes my hair is wet :)
my new shoes!! For wearing at work to protect my feet :) 

Shirt: A lovely little shop I cannot remember the name of, I bought it on a shopping trip with Mimi & Poppy :)
Skirt: made by me (suspender skirt)
Earrings: Care's, from Glitter, $1 :)
Bracelets: Care's
Shoes: Dansko's, gift of Mimi and Poppy (xoxo!!!)
Have ya'll been having a good week? Hope you liked the pictures :)
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  1. I like your outfit and earrings! :)

    1. Thank you! I liked them too...Care has a purple and a blue pair like them as well. She got them at a store called Glitter in the mall, and each pair was only a dollar. Not a bad deal :) Thanks for commenting! xoxo

  2. Didn't you freeze with your hair wet??? lol I like your outfit! It's so you! :)


    1. Well I went back inside so no :) Thank you!