Saturday, November 15, 2014

Black Embelishments

Y'all, I got a petticoat. Like a REAL petticoat. Ive made, idk like 5, but they just didn't have that REALness to them, but this one DOES. I'm not wearing it in these pictures, because this is what I wore on Tuesday and I didn't get the petticoat until Wednesday night. But let me tell you about said petticoat.....

Its white. This fact isn't awfully important, but I'm happy its white. White just seems like a natural color for a petticoat to be. Now is the important part(s). It's so very very fluffy. Two layers, each with three layers of ruffles on the bottom. Which total (in case you can't do math very well...*cough cough* Callan *cough cough*) is 6 layers of ruffles at the bottom. Which, my friends, means that if you were to look at the underside of my skirts all you'd see is ruffles and then my two legs poking out. When I spin it's amazing-at least to me :). 

It's like walking in a cloud. A cloud because it's made of nylon chiffon, which is super soft :) But now onto these outfit pictures....

I did a regular roll in the front (using my own hair), and a sock bun.

Shirt: thrifted, VV
Skirt: made by me (here, here)
Belt: thrifted, VV
Scarf: thrifted VV
Earrings: Walmart, Care's
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  1. I love that shirt, Theresa! :O Wow it's awesome! I would make one JUST like it if I were you... only I'd make the sleeves wider at the bottom and then gathered into the cuff. You know, the '40's "I wear this with a pencil skirt" look? :D