Monday, November 10, 2014

Veteran's Day Parade (Picture Heavy)

I told y'all we were going to a Veterans parade, right? My grandpa orchestrated and planned the whole thing. And that makes me very proud, that for one he's a veteran, and for two put on such an amazing parade. It really was amazing! And I will warn you that I took an awful lot of pictures and I hope you make it all the way to the bottom of this post! I love you grandpa! Thank you for all that you've done!! ♥♥♥
The street before the parade started. We were in it so we had to be than an hour early.

Care in her vintage mink coat. We curled our hair to further the look. :-P 

She's so beautiful ♥

A woody wagon!!!

One of the first Chargers :-) 

Biker dude

Im so jealous, they got to ride in a '47 jeep

My cousin

Dat wheel doe!

We had an excellent turn out of spectators I thought. Kind of hard to estimate but like several blocks worth of both sides of the streets. A lot!

several army vehicles
a couple mascots
There were hundreds of school kids in the parade. Literally every high school in the area showed up with their bands, ROTC units, flag people and dancers. It was crazy!!!! Crazy awesome. Even though they did show up a little off time and there was a little stress of getting them all in line. But grandpa did it and it was wonderful!

This school's uniforms were my fav. Snazzy yet classy :-) 

These kids, let me tell you, they're pretty sweet. They all danced, including the musicians!

Grandma and Stephen passing out flags to little kids
Grandpa drove his big truck with the flag trailer behind. It's an enormous flag, which then a bunch of different smaller flags on the end of the trailor. Very majestic. It was moving to see everyone that was sitting beside the road stand up when it drove past. Especially the old guys that had to struggle to their feet.
The boy scout troop that hangs out with grandpa :-) 

Grandma and her friend
the big flag
these all are the people that *SQUEEZED* into the back of grandpa's truck to ride back to the parking lot!!! 
Yay if you made it to the bottom of this post! Here is an article that the newspaper wrote about the parade if you want to check it out. 

Much love!
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  1. Wow. I wish so much I could have been there for it! Wonderful. I have to admit to being a little jealous of the ROTC kids. lol I love the military! It's so awesome! Glad your grandpa did this for all the Veterans! Glad he's one :) Tell him I'm proud of him!

    Lots of love,
    Ruth (who wishes she could join the military sometimes :D)

    1. Haha I know you would have loved it. I would have probably had to hold you back from joining an ROTC group and marching along :P I will make sure I rely that message to my Grandpa :).
      Love and miss you!