Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Turkey Cakes

Just when you think you've done everything right? Well yesterday I made not one but three turkey cakes. Something I must say I've never done before. They are creepy, cool, and a ROYAL MESS  to make. 

To begin you must mold the ice cream. Into the shape of a turkey body. Then you must make the legs, make and color the icing and ice the turkey. No biggie, right? Ah. Then you make a Carmel and corn syrupy glaze and cover the turkey. I learned that this was NO EASY TASK. I had Carmel all over me, my table, my apron, my freezer, my cake board, everything. I still have Carmel all over my apron, which reminds me I need to go wash it. Anyhow, all of this is going on while we are getting inspected and guess what? We got  100 percent! :-D 

I'm off to work again today, and then of course Thanksgiving preparations. :-)  I hope you are having a blessed week! 

Pictures are taken AFTER I cleaned my table :-D 

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  1. Hmm thought I had commented on this one :/ I love the turkey cakes! And of course you got 100% :D They knew you were buys hehehe :)

    1. I thought you had commented too...I went to reply it was gone! Weird eh? But thank you! ♥

    2. Hmm that is weird.. can you get on skype? or email? :D or are you visiting?