Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Parade Outfit

It was a rather frigid morning on Saturday, which called for my big coat. Not my biggest coat (also known as the gangster coat lol), but my dress coat. Which was a FIND for $10 at Goodwill, last year I believe? Mom found it :). 

My hair was curled with foam rollers, and I did brush it out after the pictures, and was very pleased with the result. I didn't have time to do it before the parade (grrrrr), but afterwards it looked just like a proper 40's hairstyle and so I was very happy :). After the pictures I also teased the roots a little to give some more volume.

I'm not sure why I only have one glove on...I had been wearing two when in the parade. 

my 40's necklace :)
These next two pics were so weird I had to put them in here. I'm assuming I was flinging my hair back and got a picture taken while this was happening? lol they're so funny looking!

Care and I went shopping with Mimi and Poppy recently, and this sweater was one of our finds :) I have a burgundy one just like it too :D. It's the perfect length for wearing over a dress to make it look different and feel a little warmer. I'm wearing a summer dress, but since I'm wearing the sweater it looks more like an all year round dress. Plus I love how the collar lays over the sweater :).

Dress: eShakti (also here)
Sweater: Belk, thought I'm thinking now it might have been Dillards
Coat: thrifted, Goodwill
Boots: Rack Room
Gloves: borrowed, Mama's
Necklace: vintage, gift from Joshua
What do ya'll think of the outfit? Do you agree that the sweater makes the dress more versatile or do you think it's still too summery looking?
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  1. Oh my! I like this outfit! :) You and Care resemble each other a lot! :O Very pretty :) and once again... I SO WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!!!!!! lol


  2. Thank you! We do a little i think :-) I WISH YOU COULD HAVE COME TOO ♥

  3. I absolutely ADORE that last pic of you!! So cute!! And your sweater looks amazing with the dress. Definitely continue wearing it!! Love you!!

    1. Hahah, yeps I like to be silly :) Yay! Glad you like the sweater with the dress, I liked it too. Love you too!!!