Thursday, November 13, 2014


This November marks the 2nd anniversary of us going to Latta. Which means the 2nd year since we met the Lawings, which means the 2nd year since Care met Ann Marie. And since it's November, and it's Thursday, I thought it'd be fun to do a little #ThrowBackThursday post with pictures I took of them two years ago. Ann Marie has been such a blessing-she's an answer to years and years of prayers and I thank God for her, not every day but almost everyday :) I love you Ann Marie!!! 
She brings out the best in Caroline, and they are so fabulous when they're together. Rain or shine, they go through everything together and are as close as two peas in a pod. Or two girls in regency dresses :)

This one is my favorite. We have it posted on the wall in our room :)
Two years behind us and I pray they'll be many more ahead. :D
I'm taking these giggly girls to dance tonight, which means they'll talk their heads off and everyone elses ears off and laugh so much the poor boys in our van won't know what to do with them :P
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  1. Aww I'm so glad you girls have such nice best friends! :D Anne Marie and Caroline are always so happy! :) Love you girls!

    Love you T!

    1. Youre included you know that right? :-) They really are for the most part, they laugh like crazy :-)
      Love you too!!

    2. Awww :) lol I have always thought of best friends as like.. two people! ;) Thank you! I'd love to be you girls' best friend! I shall try to live up to the honour imposed upon me! hahaha

      Love you!

    3. True...but by all means we love you very dearly :-)

  2. Wow! Was that the first day we met? Caroline is so awesome. She means so much to me. It is amazing how willing she is to help me and be with me when I am just being a brat. We were meant to be together. I love care. Love you care.